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New World Order’s Pony Soldier

Has the Deep State finally found its loyal pony soldier in Joe Biden to complete the construction of the New World Order? It’s a strong possibility, judging from Biden’s litany of speeches through his career, supporting the globalist agenda of what many see as a totalitarian world government.

Biden’s op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on April 23, 1992, says it all, beginning with the headline: “How I Learned to Love the New World Order.” He immediately challenges the Journal to “court an honest debate over America’s proper role in the new world order.” Biden’s not questioning whether America should participate in the agenda, says InfoWars’ Brian Wilson, but what our role will be, as if we had no choice to submit to their global system. Biden advances this twisted rhetoric by stating he expects to see the U.S. leading the way in policing worldwide affairs in order to find global solutions to security threats, such as overpopulation, migration, narcotics trafficking and degradation.

So now that Biden has assumed the Presidency through a fraudulent election, the question still remains: Will he oversee the final phase in completion of the New World Order? Here’s more of Wilson’s analysis of the op-ed and his video compilation of Biden’s speeches.

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