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Back To Square One

WhatsHerFace suggests the powers that be are evil, but they are not creative. She says the Ukraine crisis has basically taken us back to the future with the exact same strategy we saw with the Covid pandemic. “This is the same deal, with just a few minor details swapped out,” she says. Here’s her report.

IRS Overreach

Harry Hutchison, senior counsel and director of policy for the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) says the left’s proposal regarding the IRS would lead to extreme overreach affecting the majority of Americans.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the IRS is proposing a $10,000 price-target tax dragnet on American bank accounts to trigger more audits, a move that doesn’t sit well with Hutchison and the ACLJ. “The Democrats want access to data with no probable cause, no warrant, no court order,” Hutchison says. “Basically, they say that every single thing that you do as an American citizen on a given day is subject to their approval.” He explains further.

Hochul Ready To Replace Cuomo

Restored Republic reports that New York Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul is preparing for the expected resignation of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, amid a flood of allegations of sexual misconduct.

Citing people familiar with the matter, the Wall Street Journal reported that Hochul said she could be in place as acting governor in a matter of weeks. Hochul, who has been Cuomo’s lieutenant governor in two of his three terms, condemned his alleged sexual behavior, but refused to comment further. Sources say she is already pondering staff changes in the Cuomo Administration should she assume the governor’s office. Here’s more from Restored Republic.

Herd Immunity By April

With cases of COVID-19 down and vaccinations in full swing, many think we’ll reach herd immunity sometime in April. Stephen Green of the “Right Angle” triumvirate, says a recent article in the Wall Street Journal reports that COVID cases nationwide are down almost 70 percent in the last six weeks (ending two weeks ago) and cases have further declined since.

The article goes on to state that testing has only been able to capture between 10 to 25 percent of infections, depending on when one contracted the virus. Applying some time-weighted math to the 28 million confirmed coronavirus cases, points to 55 percent of Americans with natural immunity, though well short of the 85 percent needed for herd immunity. But hold on. As of two weeks ago, 15 percent of Americans have been vaccinated and that number is growing. And furthermore, former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb says 250 million vaccine doses will be delivered to Americans by the end of March, which should bring us to herd immunity. Bill Whittle and Scott Ott join Green for their analyses of the issue.

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New World Order’s Pony Soldier

Has the Deep State finally found its loyal pony soldier in Joe Biden to complete the construction of the New World Order? It’s a strong possibility, judging from Biden’s litany of speeches through his career, supporting the globalist agenda of what many see as a totalitarian world government.

Biden’s op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on April 23, 1992, says it all, beginning with the headline: “How I Learned to Love the New World Order.” He immediately challenges the Journal to “court an honest debate over America’s proper role in the new world order.” Biden’s not questioning whether America should participate in the agenda, says InfoWars’ Brian Wilson, but what our role will be, as if we had no choice to submit to their global system. Biden advances this twisted rhetoric by stating he expects to see the U.S. leading the way in policing worldwide affairs in order to find global solutions to security threats, such as overpopulation, migration, narcotics trafficking and degradation.

So now that Biden has assumed the Presidency through a fraudulent election, the question still remains: Will he oversee the final phase in completion of the New World Order? Here’s more of Wilson’s analysis of the op-ed and his video compilation of Biden’s speeches.

The Great Facemask Debate

A recent article in Nature Medicine proclaimed that simply wearing facemasks today in the COVID-19 era will save 130,000 lives by February, an outlandish statement that was immediately discredited by many, including economist Phillip Magness.

Penning an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Magness says the mandate won’t save 130,000 lives because the vast majority of Americans are already wearing masks. And this revelation comes on the heels of Joe Biden saying he would impose a national mask mandate should he become President. Bad data in the medical journal’s seminal study is fueling the push, inferring that less than 50 percent of Americans today wear masks, when in fact more than 80 percent wear them, despite President Trump’s somewhat cavalier attitude toward face coverings. In other words, don’t tell us to do what we’re already doing.

Says political commentator Bill Whittle, the reason people are wearing more masks than the medical journal assumed is because they are making common sense assumptions. “This entire lockdown and all of the panic was predicated on one computer model by one guy at Oxford University. And that model predicted two and one-half million Americans dead on the basis of an infection rate of 85, 89 percent of the population, when the flu pandemic of 1919 was around 22 percent and Swine Flu a couple of years ago was 26 percent. So the entire planet, including the United States, got locked down on the basis of one computer model from one guy, whose initial statement was four orders of magnitude out of place.” Here’s more with Whittle and moderator Scott Ott.

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China Whistleblower Tells All

A China Communist Party (CCP) whistleblower says that the recent allegations against the Biden Crime Family are absolutely true. Known simply as Mr. Lude of Lude Media and a YouTube blogger from Mainland China, he has worked tirelessly to expose the corruption in the CCP, delivering the information to American news outlets and directly to President Trump.

Mr. Lude steadfastly confirms that the information on the Hunter Biden laptop is factual and this revelation is just scratching the surface of the family’s corruption. Shockingly, Ukraine has confiscated a second Hunter Biden laptop and it doesn’t end there. Says investigative journalist Riss Flex, “Mr. Lude explains everything. There’s not just one hard drive by Hunter Biden, there are many. And as the Biden family continues to backstab their people–the people that they signed dirty deals with internationally–we will start to see these hard drives pop up. There’s literally a hard drive for every country and they have some terrible, gruesome abuse on them.”

But the plot begins with Ukraine, considered the technical, intelligence and military hub in Eastern Europe and it is squarely under the CCP’s thumb. Not only does China pull the strings of the Biden family, but through heavy investment in corporate America, it also controls the American media. Says Mr. Lude, Why do you think you don’t read anything about the Biden allegations in the Wall Street Journal  or New York Times?”

When you pull the proverbial cover back on this sordid tale, it’s a story of collusion, espionage and outright murder, all part of a China Communist Party plot to impose globalization and enslave the world. Here’s more from a Lude Media video obtained by Flex.

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Cancel Proof

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Megyn Kelly (Host, The Megyn Kelly Show) about being cancelled, the dishonesty of the New York Times, mainstream media bias, her opinions on Joy Behar’s blackface controversy, and debunking the myths of battles over Supreme Court Justices. Megyn shares her experience of what it was like for a news anchor to become the news due to her incidents with Donald Trump, Roger Ailes and NBC. Due to her experience she feels there is little people could do to cancel her now.

Megyn also discusses the difficulty of wanting to fight racism, but also not wanting to side with the ideology of Black Lives Matter or antiracism. She blames the mainstream media for feeding into the lies that America has always been a racist nation. She points out how dishonest the New York Times has been in stealth editing the 1619 Project without clarifying to their readers that corrections have been made. Meanwhile when Wall Street Journal writers like Jason Riley try to get to the truth about police shooting data, they are ignored or maligned.

The Megyn Kelly Show is a newly launched podcast. Kelly plans to do three episodes per week, speaking with “newsmakers, thought leaders and compelling voices.”

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History Will Dictate VP Pick

As speculation grows over Joe Biden’s selection of a running mate, Gerald F. Seib of the Wall Street Journal researches past picks for clues into what factors the former vice-president will consider, and why this year’s choice is more important than ever.

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Stephen King Foresaw Pestilence

The Hollywood media and the elite have been preparing us for years for their campaign of pestilence, involving coronavirus, used against the masses. Here, Jason Bermas discusses a few of the many examples, such as Stephen King’s novel The Stand. Published in 1978, it expands upon the scenario of his earlier short story “Night Surf.” We witness a detailed vision of the breakdown of society after an  accidental release of a strain of influenza. It had been modified for biological warfare and causes an apocalyptic pandemic, killing off more than 99% of the world’s population. More from Jason Bermas.

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The rush of humanity to save itself from extinction has begun as thousands of people across the globe struggle to stock up on food, survival gear and protective face masks in what may be a futile attempt to stop the bioweapon known as the Coronavirus from depopulating the planet. While governmental leaders try to quell the growing unrest amongst the masses, assuring them that everything is under control, the death toll and infection rate continue to rise and methods of transmission continue to mutate. How can you save yourself and your family from this coming apocalypse? David Zublick unseals the truth in this special report!

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We bring you more important updates on COVID-19! Why did so many CEOs resign so suddenly? Could they have been preparing for something big about to happen or avoid being affected by a darker agenda?

Did you know that Bill Gates donated millions to China? But was it really to combat this virus or something else?

Are certain people immune to this virus or not as much affected? And what about vaccines? Do they actually help prevent viruses or instead, support them? What are some prophecies that have predicted this virus from decades to even centuries back? All this and more only on Edge of Wonder!

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Panic buying has begun. Check out this neighborhood Costco, which has been out of toilet paper for several days. Also, SGTReport pens a response to the Wall Street Journal, which wants to refute that this virus has been weaponized. The Journal staff writer, Sebastian Herrera out of San Francisco, wrote a piece that appeared Tuesday saying “Facebook and other tech giants have vowed to fight misinformation related to the coronavirus epidemic on their platforms. Yet even as they remove millions of fraudulent posts, listings and other content, conspiracy theories and false information continue to proliferate online.”

Prior to joining the WSJ, Herrera worked for the Austin Statesman-American and as a Metro reporter for the Houston Chronicle. Seems like he has some experience covering Amazon and Facebook. Not at all clear he’s ever read the Bill of Rights, though, and most certainly looks like he a novice on the subject of the coronavirus.





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