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Meghan McCain the Flip-Flopper

To impeach or not to impeach? That’s the dilemma facing Meghan McCain, who finds herself on shaky ground after flip-flopping once again on President Trump.

McCain announced she favored impeaching Trump on the same day it readily appeared that Democrats would not have the votes to do so. Problem is, earlier in the week, on the set of “The View,” she lauded the principles of conservatism and the Republican Party, even after the ascendency of  President Trump, saying, “I’ll die fighting for it. I’m a lifelong conservative, unlike these heretics. I was born into this, raised into this, it’s my whole entire life.”

She then condemned Trump for inciting the siege on Capitol Hill and said he deserved to be impeached. What a hypocrite. Of course, the bad blood most certainly arises from the frigid relationship Trump had with Meghan’s father, Sen. John McCain, an issue that was not resolved before the latter’s death. Here’s more with Elijah Schaffer on Next News Network.

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