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Denzel Swallows The Red Pill

A-list celebrity Denzel Washington is proving to the Hollywood establishment that he is his own man and won’t be pressured into following any radical movements. Washington proved his mettle recently, when he bucked the progressive messaging from the Left and Black Lives Matter, regarding their anti-cop agenda. There’s no doubt Washington is on the side of law and order, something that can’t be said of most of these Tinseltown pervs. “More and more people are waking up,” Martin Brodel says. “The celebrities who are not have been compromised, heavily so.”

Brodel also reports of the ridiculous restrictions released by the CDC for fans attending the Super Bowl at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, home of the Super Bowl. They released guidelines on chanting, cheering, alcohol limits and, of course, wearing masks at all times. “If you’re dumb enough to go along with all that stupid crap, go for it. Sounds to me like they’re taking all the fun out of it.” Here’s more with Brodel.

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