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FBI’s Gone Hollywood!

The FBI has gone Hollywood! The once-respected bastion of law and order, the G-men are now basically actors, creating and pushing false narratives. Says Riss Flex, “It’s all political theater. That’s all we’re seeing.”

Flex points to the recent FBI chaos surrounding the Gov. Gretchen Whitmer fake kidnapping case in Michigan, a similar wacky scenario in Michigan years back involving militia groups, and their collusion with Tinseltown and the mainstream media. And among the most disturbing inferences is the seemingly FBI connection to occult and Satanic symbolism, as in the checkerboard floor leading into Whitmer’s office. Check out the details with Flex.

Denzel Swallows The Red Pill

A-list celebrity Denzel Washington is proving to the Hollywood establishment that he is his own man and won’t be pressured into following any radical movements. Washington proved his mettle recently, when he bucked the progressive messaging from the Left and Black Lives Matter, regarding their anti-cop agenda. There’s no doubt Washington is on the side of law and order, something that can’t be said of most of these Tinseltown pervs. “More and more people are waking up,” Martin Brodel says. “The celebrities who are not have been compromised, heavily so.”

Brodel also reports of the ridiculous restrictions released by the CDC for fans attending the Super Bowl at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, home of the Super Bowl. They released guidelines on chanting, cheering, alcohol limits and, of course, wearing masks at all times. “If you’re dumb enough to go along with all that stupid crap, go for it. Sounds to me like they’re taking all the fun out of it.” Here’s more with Brodel.

Hollywood’s Condescending Left

Iconic actor Matthew McConaughey has had enough of secular Hollywood’s condescending culture, calling out his fellow colleagues on The Joe Rogan Experience. McConaughey says that although he hasn’t felt the brunt of Tinseltown’s radical shift, there are circumstances where some of his close colleagues have shied away from him.

Meanwhile, British conservative author Douglas Murray gives his take on the issue, explaining to Dennis Prager why the Left is so engaging with cancel culture. “The Left has done a good job of giving meaning in a meaningless age,” he says. “The cancel culture comes about because of God-shaped holes. It gives the day a purpose, it gives the life a drive.” But Murray laments that it’s an ugly, retributive drive and says conservatives, unfortunately, have forgotten about this void. Here’s more from McConaughey and Murray in this episode of PragerU.

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Surprising Celeb Conservatives

When you talk about the entertainment industry, there’s no escaping that the majority pay their allegiances to the political Left. But little known to the public, there still remains a pocket of conservative celebrities that will surprise you.

There’s the diehard block of conservatives, such as Clint Eastwood, James Woods, Mel Gibson, Roseanne Barr, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Dennis Miller. And well-known GOP backers in the sports world, such as Peyton Manning and Brett Favre. But lost in the Tinseltown sea of progressives are surprising Republican supporters like Olympic hero and now transgender Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner and his ex-wife Kris. The duo are staunch Republicans, despite their children firmly being ensconsed on the other side.

Ready for some more shockers? How about Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, whose salacious lifestyles dominated Hollywood headlines for many years. And just as stunning, in this era of Black Lives Matter and social injustice themes, are stout black Republicans Denzel Washington and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Who would of thunk it?

In the following episode of Facts Verse, host Tim Blane reveals a litany of more celebrity conservatives.

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COVID And Clueless Americans

Not surprisingly, Americans have little insight into the COVID-19 pandemic, especially regarding the numbers being released by our government health agencies.

PragerU’s Will Witt sauntered onto Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles to gauge the actual perceptions of the public, beginning with the number of deaths caused by the coronavirus. While the guesses ranged from 1 percent to as high as 20 percent, visitors were stunned to hear that a mere .056 percent have perished from the virus nationwide, according to statistics from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

And if that wasn’t shocking enough, Witt asked people to estimate the number of California deaths for those under 25. Again the guesses were exorbitant, one person proclaiming 40,000 casualties. The CDC’s number: 360, only two of them children.

It’s another testament to the widespread coronavirus deception in our mainstream media that has infected clueless Americans. Here’s more of Witt’s visit to Tinseltown and the surprising results.

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Where’s Reagan’s Hollywood?

Once upon a time, conservative actors such as Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne strolled the red carpet in Hollywood. More recently, Clint Eastwood and Jon Voight upheld traditional values in Tinseltown. Today, we have Matt Damon, Tom Hanks and Michael Moore delivering progressive, left-wing propaganda. So what on Earth happened? Host Bill Whittle welcomes an all-star panel of conservatives, including Alfonzo Rachel, Andrew Klavan, Roger Simon and Dinesh D’Souza, to answer this question in this edition of PJTV.

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