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YouTube Given Free Speech Prize

In a bizarre flip worthy of The Twilight Zone, YouTube has received a prize for supporting free speech. We’re telling a joke, right? Wrong!

The Freedom Forum Institute actually thinks YouTube supports free speech. They have given YouTube CEO Susan Wojicki the award, saying YouTube stands for “free and fearless expression.”

YouTube, of course, has spent much of the last year throttling free speech and thumbing its nose at the U.S. Constitution by kicking hundreds, if not thousands, of content creators off the platform for expressing views that don’t fit within YouTube’s leftist platform. In some cases, people have had their entire life’s work wiped out by this blatant censorship.

So the Freedom Forum Institute can spin lies all they want. We’re going to keep calling Wojcicki exactly what she is: A phony and a flaming fascist! More from Mark Dice.






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