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YouTube Given Free Speech Prize

In a bizarre flip worthy of The Twilight Zone, YouTube has received a prize for supporting free speech. We’re telling a joke, right? Wrong!

The Freedom Forum Institute actually thinks YouTube supports free speech. They have given YouTube CEO Susan Wojicki the award, saying YouTube stands for “free and fearless expression.”

YouTube, of course, has spent much of the last year throttling free speech and thumbing its nose at the U.S. Constitution by kicking hundreds, if not thousands, of content creators off the platform for expressing views that don’t fit within YouTube’s leftist platform. In some cases, people have had their entire life’s work wiped out by this blatant censorship.

So the Freedom Forum Institute can spin lies all they want. We’re going to keep calling Wojcicki exactly what she is: A phony and a flaming fascist! More from Mark Dice.






What If America Fails?

There’s no doubting the majority of Americans are patriots, diehard fans of a nation that espouses the values of principles–freedom of speech, freedom of religion, free enterprise, the right to bear arms. The moment that changes, it’s not America anymore.

Valuetainment’s Patrick Bet-David asks, what if a tipping point arrives, where America starts pushing people around and denying their freedoms? What are the options? “I think today there’s a great opportunity for a handful of countries to be become a second option,” Bet-David says. “But only if America gets royally cocky, arrogant and egotistical and starts pushing people around.” He points to the demise of two great American cities–New York and Detroit–once flourishing and proud and now losing residents by the thousands, and to the beleaguered state of California, wrought in debt and government overreach.

In this episode of Valuetainment, Bet-David welcomes financial planner Adam Sosnick and marketing expert Tom Ellsworth to debate the consequences of an American breakdown.

Democrats Behind Censorship

Who’s behind the broad censorship now being practiced by Big Tech platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter? Congressional Democrats, and especially those on the Far Left. They can’t stand Americans who would dare criticize them or their fascist ways. So these Democrats, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Maxine Waters, are leaning on the Big tech social media platforms to shut all of us up.

Time to strike back at these Leftists! Vote them out of office on Nov. 3 and help preserve free speech and our American rights protected by the US Bill of Rights. Time to fight back! No freedoms surrendered to the loud-mouth Communists! As for those Big Tech companies dancing to this tune, bust them up! Don’t let them trample any more of our freedoms or our traditions.  More from Kim Iversen.

Just how bad has the censorship gotten? SGTReport says he was watching one of the Occam’s Razor videos and paused it for a short spell. But by the time he returned, the video had already been singled out, censored and its creator — M3thods — had his entire YouTube channel banned. Says SGTReport, “The criminal You Tube Purge continues unabated and in real time. The PEOPLE in these corporations who are responsible for these crimes – this biased censorship, election meddling and criminal tortious interference need to be held personally accountable for their actions, and for the financial, psychological and quantifiable real world damages they have caused.”

We concur. It’s time to not only sue YouTube/Google, but to identify those individuals within the company ordering the censorship and to take court action against them in conjunction with the lawsuits brought against these evil companies.

YouTube Bans Vincent James

Vincent James, conservative commentator and proprietor of the channel The Red Elephants, has been permanently banned by YouTube. He is but the latest of many outspoken conservatives to face the wrath of the Leftist channel.

When President Donald Trump wins re-election in November, one of the first orders of business will be to lift these social media bans and break up the Leftist companies — like YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter — practicing Chinese-style censorship right here in the United States of America. We do not want this blatant censorship. The key to restoring our full, God-given rights is breaking up the companies that are trying to damage our nation and destroy the Bill of Rights.

Phil’s Message Of Inspiration

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame delivers an unwavering message of inspiration that you might find handy today.

“If these Marxists get in power, they’ll pass a law: no more freedom of speech, no more of this Jesus stuff,” Robertson says. “They’re already getting around people on that Internet, they tell me. Whatever happened to freedom of speech?”

There’s definitely no law that can keep Robertson from speaking his mind, sharing the Gospel and saying the name of Jesus. Is America ready for a mass awakening? Here’s Robertson’s “In the Woods With Phil” on The Blaze Network.

Australians Sick Of PC Culture

Social commentator Prue MacSween says there is a “tug of war between freedom of speech and freedom of offence,” as a new poll shows 68 per cent of Australians believe Australia is too politically correct. More from Sky News Australia.

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