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Border Trafficking Gets Worse

The human trafficking crisis across the southern border regarding young woman, children and drugs has increased dramatically in recent months, a situation investigative journalist Sara Carter knows all too well. She exposed the illicit activity in the early 2000s, going undercover and discovering an underground-tunnel system that aided traffickers. Sadly, the problem has never been addressed by authorities, but Carter is again speaking out as she sees the problem worsening.

During her initial investigation, Carter also discovered that the traffickers were within the U.S. government and the money made from this issue was laundered to parties to fund wars in the Middle East that kept the Military Industrial Complex running. Says Riss Flex, “This whole situation at the border, which Sara Carter exposed and which is being hidden, exposes the government organizations colluding with Middle Eastern terrorists at the Mexico border. It’s like all the world’s problems are connected.”

In this segment of her podcast, Flex releases a 2007 C-Span interview with Carter, where she details her extensive probe of the trafficking crisis.

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