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Juan O. Savin: CIA Our Enemy

An animated Juan O. Savin tells David “Nino” Rodriguez that the intelligence community has been weaponized against the American people. “That’s what Eisenhower told you: Beware of the Military Industrial Complex,” he says.

Savin touches on Tucker Carlson’s recent report of the CIA’s alleged involvement in the assassination of President Kennedy, calling it a “coup against America.” He also says the American Southwest is now a captured operation, under the thumbs of the unions and Mexican cartels, updates the Brunson election fraud case and reveals the revelation that Dominion Voting Systems was recently purchased by UBS, a northern European entity financed by the Chinese!

The Real Problem: Easy Money

HighImpactFlix’s Brian Young suggests the huge elephant in the room, the problem no one dares to talk about is the central-banking cartel. It’s the Federal Reserve note, which wouldn’t have a single iota of value if it weren’t for the Military Industrial Complex.

Young makes a strong case that government is not in control–not the president, not the Supreme Court, not Congress. We are slaves of the central bankers and their easy money. Here’s more.

The JFK-UFO Cover-Up

Patrick James, host of MindFKD, reports that legal documents, apparently pulled from a fire in 1987, might well be the only tangible evidence pointing to the the actual motive behind the President John F. Kennedy assassination.

The sensitive files belonged to James Angleton, chief of counter intelligence for the CIA, who died in 1987. The documents revealed the CIA’s intention to stop Kennedy from releasing UFO secrets to the public and sharing them with the Soviet Union to further joint space missions. James says the files indicated that the CIA suspected JFK was not going to cooperate with them and said they needed to “take him out.” James digs further into the story and the web of characters who mysteriously lost their lives for knowing too much.


Juan O. Savin: Nuclear War?

How have the Democrats pushed the United States to the brink of nuclear war? It seems our relationships have grown much more tense against any number of enemies since Joe Biden took control of the White House.

War with Russia, Communist China, even North Korea and Iran, looms as a threat. None of those flash points appeared quite so dangerous when President Donald Trump was in Washington DC.

Here, Michael Jaco talks over the situation with Juan O. Savin, and they drop hydrogen bombs of truth as O. Savin advises to prepare for life-changing reveals.

The Tech Behind The Great Reset

Jason Bermas guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the history and the technology behind the globalist Great Reset,  post-World War II. Bermas describes the significance of the Bohemian Grove in context with the Military Industrial Complex, plus more, on BANNED.VIDEO.

Gold Rush In Military Weaponry

While the Russians continue to crank out military armament at an alarming rate, Ukraine and the West are perilously close to catastrophic depletions in their weaponry. The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris bring us more, including how Pentagon contractors see a new gold rush, courtesy of the Ukraine crisis.

How Mind Control Works

Genderless subhuman slaves! Goat worshipping hybrids! It’s not entertainment…it’s the military industrial complex accessing your brain! Dissociative Identity Disorder and Multiple Personality Disorders! Super Soldier hybrid clones! Bluebird programming! Bluebird and Disney! Triggers in movies! They are getting ready to show themselves!


Georgia Whistleblower Emerges

Mel K joins the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast with breaking news on the 2020 Presidential election voter fraud. She confirms that a whistleblower has come forward in Georgia, admitting he pocketed $40,000 harvesting ballots. Meanwhile, in Arizona, election officials admitted that hundreds of ballots were counted twice!

“That right there should nullify the entire election,” an irate Rodriguez says. “It’s go-time in my opinion. We can’t wait any longer.” Mel K and Rodriguez bring us more details and analysis on how to take our country back.


Were Troops Purposely Killed?

Retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Jarome Bell tells Stew Peters he believes the American troops ambushed in Afghanistan were purposely killed. He says it was purposeful failure at the hands of Joe Biden and the Democrats, and calls for leaders to be expelled from Congress.

“This entire debacle in Afghanistan was done on purpose and those people in Biden’s camp are not that stupid,” says Bell, a Gen. Michael Flynn-endorsed Congressional candidate in Virginia’s District 2. “But what they are, though, are neocons, warmongers and Military Industrial Complex stockholders. They need war to make money.” Join Bell and host Stew Peters, who doesn’t hold back on his thoughts about Afghanistan.

Border Trafficking Gets Worse

The human trafficking crisis across the southern border regarding young woman, children and drugs has increased dramatically in recent months, a situation investigative journalist Sara Carter knows all too well. She exposed the illicit activity in the early 2000s, going undercover and discovering an underground-tunnel system that aided traffickers. Sadly, the problem has never been addressed by authorities, but Carter is again speaking out as she sees the problem worsening.

During her initial investigation, Carter also discovered that the traffickers were within the U.S. government and the money made from this issue was laundered to parties to fund wars in the Middle East that kept the Military Industrial Complex running. Says Riss Flex, “This whole situation at the border, which Sara Carter exposed and which is being hidden, exposes the government organizations colluding with Middle Eastern terrorists at the Mexico border. It’s like all the world’s problems are connected.”

In this segment of her podcast, Flex releases a 2007 C-Span interview with Carter, where she details her extensive probe of the trafficking crisis.

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