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Pelosi’s Atmosphere Of Fear

Paranoid Nancy Pelosi is still clinging to her battalion of National Guard troops, although there is no longer a threat–or never was–on Capitol Hill. Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. Greg Murphy tells Sara Carter he’s figured on why she is taking this course of action. “Speaker Pelosi has taken the emotions of Jan. 6 and has tried to string those out as long as possible, to try to present an attitude of fear and trepidation as long as possible,” Murphy says.

The North Carolina Congressman says the majority of the troops would be better served protecting and assisting federal agents on the southern border. Here’s more with Murphy on the Sara Carter podcast.

Tagging Migrants Like Cattle

The Mexican cartels are thriving on the border. At one end of the border, they’re moving in dope to poison our country and on the other end, they have our agents preoccupied with droves of illegal migrants, most of them helpless kids.

In addition to the economic and national security crises created by President Biden’s open-border policies, the migrants who are attracted by those policies are horribly abused along the way. Derek Maltz, the former special agent in charge of the Justice Department’s Special Operations Division, explains how cartels use the flood of migrants to overwhelm our border security and move their illegal drugs and other contraband into the U.S. “And let’s not forget how much they’re charging the migrants to get here,” he says. “Now we see, for the first time, that they’re tagging the migrants like they’re cattle to make sure they’re paying the fees.” Here’s more with Maltz and Sara Carter.

Army Of Narcos At Border

The tide of migrants headed for the U.S. border translates into hundreds of billions of dollars in profits for the drug cartels. And they are using that money to bolster their operation, buying weapons, communications equipment, vehicles, drones, submarines and light aircraft, among other tools of the trade.

Sara Carter says the border crisis is so beyond out of control that our federal agents are up against an armada of narcos and they’re just sitting there babysitting the migrants and trying to get them processed. Add to that the avalanche of drugs pouring across our border, including marijuana purposely laced with fentanyl to target addicts. Here’s more with Carter and U.S. Rep. Brian Babin.



Crisis On The Border Dire

The crisis on the southern border is dire and it’s getting progressively worse. And make no mistake, it is a major crisis, in spite of what you hear from the clueless Biden Administration.

Sara Carter, who spent two weeks reporting for Fox News from the border, says the human traffickers and drug cartels are taking advantage of Biden’s Day 1 reversal of President Trump’s tough immigration policies. There are estimates of 4,000 migrants crossing the border daily, many of them children. “They are using this administration’s failed policy to bring these kids into our country,” Carter says. “I have never seen anything like this.”

Carter says the policy, among others, is just a rerun of what occurred during the Obama Administration. In fact, there’s strong evidence that Obama and Susan Rice are running the show in the shadows. Carter continues her probe of the southern border chaos, including a telling interview with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Attorney Schoen Speaks Out

In a telling and reflective interview with Sara Carter, attorney Doug Schoen says the recent impeachment trial of President Trump was a dangerous broadside attack on the integrity of the institution of the Presidency.

Schoen, a civil libertarian who’s also defended the Democrats in past cases, says his main goal in the trial was to defend the Constitution. As for the Democrat Party’s prosecution, “Partisan weaponization of the impeachment process, partisan purposes, partisan agenda,” Schoen says. “Their main goal: bar Donald Trump from ever running for the Presidency again and, in fact, disenfranchising at least 74 million voters.”

Here’s more with Carter and Schoen, who describes how he came to be the lead attorney on Trump’s defense team.

Congress Targeting Americans

Following the unfortunate siege on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have set their sights on quelling domestic terrorism, especially white supremacists. Be afraid, they say. Be very afraid of what can happen to your children and your neighbors. “It sounds like some kind of strange, bubbling, percolating monster in America that we have to be scared of,” says Sara Carter.

You’d think these guys were talking about al-Qaeda, the Islamic states or other foreign terrorists. Truth is, they’re coming after Americans and they’re drafting domestic terrorism laws as we speak. Join Carter as she discusses why we should be worried and why these laws are intrusive and against our Constitution.

We Are Not A Banana Republic

What’s happening in our country is not normal. We’ve been trampled on by the corrupt bureaucracy, aka The Deep State. Like our forefathers, all we yearn for is our freedom, our basic rights. We cherish the Constitution.

In an unprecedented drive to dispose of President Trump, these corrupt bureaucrats have been in assault mode for nearly four years, culminating perhaps in the most bizarre and dishonest Presidential election in American history. With the White House hanging in the balance, in spite of overwhelming evidence that the bad guys tampered with mail-in ballots, President Trump is relying on a legal course to set the record straight, a move that has sent the Left into a frenzy, leading them invoke the label “sore loser.” Says investigative journalist Sara Carter, “If Joe Biden won fair and square, he won fair and square. But this is the United States of America and every vote should count. We are not a Banana Republic.”

There certainly is a danger percolating in our country, a crooked course that will fundamentally change this nation forever, Carter says.¬†Here’s more with Carter, who delves deeper into the mess in Washington and expresses her love of country.

The Tic Tac UFO Incident

After decades of silence, government officials are finally acknowledging the UFO phenomenon that has captured the imagination of the public. While dodging, denying and sidestepping the issue for many years, the military has verified that there is a department at the Pentagon that is monitoring what they call unidentified aerial phenomena. Says video blogger Sara Carter, “Now we have technology and capabilities that we never had before and we’re able to record these phenomena, for the most part, and we have. This is a topic that could change all of human history.”

The military’s shifting sentiment regarding UFOs can be traced to recently released intelligence of the Tic Tac Incident of 2004, according to former military intelligence official Luis Elizondo, who headed the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, the Pentagon’s secret unit that studied UFOs. The incident involved the U.S.S. Nimitz supercarrier war ship, the E-2 Hawkeye early warning aircraft and the U.S.S. Princeton radar ship during fighter jet training exercises off the coast of San Diego. During the exercise, the U.S.S. Princeton’s state-of-the-art Vector Spy-1 Radar System detected something on the screen it couldn’t identify and sent two of the F-18 fighter jets to investigate. What they encountered was an unusual flying object shaped like a Tic Tac mint, hovering erratically over the ocean. It had no wings, no means of thrust or propulsion, no cockpit, no lights, no rivets. Strange, to say the least.

What happened next will blow your mind. One of the fighter jets moved in on the object, which appeared to be about 40-feet long, and the “Tic Tac” began countering the jet’s maneuvers, then elevated in altitude and suddenly took off and disappeared over the horizon in the blink of an eye. Elizondo says the incident was not only witnessed by the pilots, but also by other senior Navy officials, all highly trained in identifying aircraft. “This aircraft doesn’t look like anything they’ve ever seen and, oh by the way, it turns out this encounter was backed up by radar data on both the E-2 Hawkeye and the U.S.S. Princeton and there’s gun-camera footage.”

The now-retired Elizondo, appearing on the Sara Carter Channel, tells  us the rest of the story and its ramifications on our military.

Pool Party!

Yujing Zhang, the Chinese woman arrested at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, not only was carrying four cell phones and computer equipment, but also some $8,000 in American cash plus a device allowing her to use radio frequency to locate hidden cameras. In other words, she doesn’t exactly look like someone there casually for a pool party! In Pursuit of Truth outlines the case and how Zhang made it past a few Secret Service agents, something that might well have played a role in the president’s firing of Secret Service Director Randolph Alles.

Vincent James of The Red Elephants says the firing of the Homeland Security secretary and Secret Service director are only a beginning. President Donald Trump is embarked on a quest to get the rampant illegal immigration under control. The longer it continues unabated, the more the economic benefits are lost for native citizens. Here, James explores the role of Trump aide Stephen Miller in shaping the current purge and also projects what might come next.

McAllisterTV reviews some of the resignations over the past two years involving leading politicians and corporate leaders. How many of these instances involved cases of sexual abuse and human rights violations? Did these politicians walk away so they could avoid eventual exposure, jail time and fines? Here, McAllisterTV also interviews one the Resignation Anons. Strange things are happenings.

Sara Carter and John Solomon appear on Mark Levin’s Fox show Life, Liberty and Levin and discuss their contacts with members of the Q team.

Comey’s daughter works for the Southern District of New York Court. Comey is panicking and says why would you investigate the investigators. Meadows and Nunes are making criminal referrals. This is just the warm-up to show the public there are those in government that committed crimes. Judicial Watch uncovers more emails from HRC. Mueller will be ready to release the report within a week or so. Trump is using the Scaramucci model for DHS. The real mission might not be Venezuela, it might be Cuba. Pompeo indicates that IRG is a terrorist organization, the pressure is on. More from the X22 Report.

Candace Owens, testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee, lays waste to the corrupt Democratic Party. You won’t hear any of her testimony on NBC, CBS or ABC because those TV networks are all in the business if fluffing up the Democrats, their allies in political crime. We also present Tim Pool’s response to Owens’ testimony. What he says is accurate: Liberals have become dummies, with Ted Lieu certainly one of the worst of them.




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