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Alien Probes Are Here

Sara Carter says our federal government is now spending more time and money investigating incidents of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), as reported by members of our military and observed near nuclear sites.

These UAPs allegedly do things that cannot be replicated on Earth, so what are they? And if there is other intelligent life beyond our planet, what does it mean?  Carter says these are huge questions that may have answers fairly soon. “We cannot bury our heads in the sand,” she says. “We cannot pretend that this isn’t real, that this doesn’t exist.” Here’s her report.

Is The CCP Invading America?

Sara Carter reports that an alarming number of single, military-aged Chinese males are among the wave of illegal immigrants at our southern border seeking illegal entry into the United States.

Is this the beginning of an orchestrated invasion by the Chinese Communist Party? House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green joins the Carter podcast to break down the danger to our national security posed by the immigrants and details House GOP legislation to restore order to the border. More from Carter.

Joe Biden: Trafficker-In-Chief

Sara Carter reports from the southern border that human trafficking is rapidly rivaling drug smuggling as the largest criminal enterprise in the world.

Cartels are aggressively exploiting the Biden Administration’s intentional open-border policy, flooding the U.S. with thousands of migrants, many of them consigned to sexual abuse or even slavery. Carter says this makes Biden “El Jefe,” or “the boss,” of human trafficking. Carter explains further, plus also shares the shocking revelation from fellow journalist Todd Bensman that the Biden Administration is actively coordinating with the Mexican government in sending the tidal wave of migrants across the border in the coming days.


Woke Policies Weaken Military

Sara Carter says the Biden Administration’s injection of woke ideology into the military is responsible for another serious shortfall in recruiting.

She welcomes author Dr. Jeffrey Addicott to discuss some of those uncomfortable truths surrounding policy and some examples of how our military ties the hands of service members, and sometimes persecutes them for doing their jobs.

The Alien Mothership Hypothesis

As UFO sightings dominate headlines, scientists at the Pentagon have put forward a new theory on the origin of a mysterious craft observed by people around the globe.

Could this be an alien mothership, hovering above our planet, propelled by water and gravity? Sara Carter examines an explosive new report from the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, which suggests our intergalactic visitors may be probes from a mothership. The groundbreaking report hypothesizes these probes are sent to Earth on a mission to understand our nuclear technology and harvest our resources. Here’s more.

China’s Information War

Sara Carter says we are in an information war and our main adversary is China, whose goal is  to harness the data and power of our computer systems to utilize for nefarious reasons.

Carter says not only are the Chinese collecting our data, but also are utilizing our failed border system and targeting our youth with dangerous drugs, such as fentanyl and xylazine. ‘We are literally being taken advantage of 24-7,” she says. “Our nation has pretty much given up its basic security.” She explains further and welcomes former Guatemalan intelligence chief Mario Duarte to discuss the issue and how the Biden Administration is driving much of Latin America away from us.

The Mysterious Mosul Orb

Sara Carter reports there is a serious concern for UFOs that don’t appear to be constructed by technology readily available on the planet.

Investigative reporter Jeremy Corbell suggests to Carter (:38:30 of video) that the revelations of the orb in Mosul, Iraq, make it even more urgent for governments around the world to reveal what they know about UFOs and their interaction with our planet. Corbell recently posted a leaked military video of the orb, which the DOD refuses to comment on.

Carter elaborates further, plus discusses Sen. Marsha Blackburn’s legislation to protect kids from being used as pawns in the Mexican cartels’ human trafficking schemes and the lessons the Biden Administration should be learning from the Chinese surveillance balloon crisis, and the larger threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party.


Plato’s Answer To Wokeness

Sara Carter welcomes scholar and podcaster Spencer Klavan, who explains in his new book how ancient Greece and Israel had plenty to say about what we think of as only modern-day challenges.

Klavan’s work, How to Save the West: Ancient Wisdom for 5 Modern Crises, digs into the thought process of many ancient luminaries, such as Plato, on many of the same problems we face today, such as sexuality, defining truth and the future of our republic. Carter also takes a deep dive into the theme of how our political battles are currently a fight between normal and crazy, a comparison stressed by Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders during her response to the State of the Union.

Ilhan Omar Unfit To Lead

Sara Carter welcomes Rabbi Yaakov Menken, of the Coalition for Jewish Values, to discuss everything from the increased violence in the Middle East to Rep. Ilhan Omar removal from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Menken tells Carter that the Coalition for Jewish Values has been asking for Omar’s removal since the day she was appointed. “She’s anti-U.S., too,” Menken says. “She compares the U.S. and Israel to Hamas, and the Taliban or Hezbollah, saying they’ve all done atrocities and it was time for her to go.” He elaborates,  plus blasts the media for equating Israeli action against militant groups with Hamas targeting civilians.

Trinity UFO Preceded Roswell

Sara Carter reports that lawmakers are taking reports of UFOs more seriously than they did before. So much so that the new Congressional budget is requiring that the Department of Defense investigate a 1945 UFO crash landing at Trinity Site, New Mexico, two years before Roswell!

Carter is joined by former British Defense Ministry official Nick Pope to discuss the implications of the latest Defense Authorization Act, which requires the DOD to reopen every UFO investigation since 1945, including the mystery New Mexico crasj in August 1945, known as the Trinity Incident, a crash that occurred at the site of the atomic bomb test site. Pope points out how far the debate has come, with talk of UFO’s moving from fringe conspiracy theories to open discussions in Congress and the Pentagon. Here’s more.

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