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Trump Returning In 2 Months

Mike Lindell proclaimed Sunday night that President Trump will be back in office in two months, and no later than the fall! He says more details and dates on Trump’s return will come on July 4, when he also will announce a Cyber Symposium and its venue.

“It’s going to be a three-day event and what we’re bringing is all the white hat experts that validated the evidence (of a Trump victory), different ones from different parts of the country,” he says. “Then we’re going to invite every cyber expert that has CISSP credentials.” Lindell says he’s also handing out invitations to the media, politicians and fact checkers.

“Just like Alan Dershowitz said, this is the most important case in history for our First Amendment rights of free speech,” Lindell says. Here’s more on his symposium with  Alex Jones of InfoWars.

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