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Border Worse Than You Think

Warriors For Ranchers activist Mike Miller tells InfoWars that the crisis on the border is much worse than anyone can imagine. Mexican cartels and their smugglers are firmly in control, creating havoc and chaos from California to Texas.

We’ve been privy to the open-border smuggling operation, which is conducted through the Catholic facilities and the border patrol, and sanctioned by the Biden Administration. “That’s just one level of a policy to bring in as many illegal immigrants as possible,” InfoWars’ Owen Shroyer says. “Then you have the open-border story, which is death, drug smuggling, gun-running, raping and murder.” And not surprisingly, not one peep from the mainstream media. Get the scoop from Shroyer and Miller, who describe groups of innocent children left for dead, “rape trees” employed by the cartels and murders execution style.

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