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A Ban On Oil?

Biden Administration energy adviser Amos Hochstein laid down the gauntlet earlier this week, proclaiming he supports the idea of ending drilling and, eventually, completely phasing out oil.

Josh Sigurdson explains the insanity, plus reports on the breaking news of the British Navy’s major role in the sabotage of the NordStream pipeline.

America’s Turning Point

Bill O’Reilly suggests the biggest story of the past week was White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and her incessant lying.

Her latest fairy tale about Joe Biden “ghostly” appearance on the southern border–which he has never been close to visiting since he took office–was as wild as it gets, thanks in part to the dogged reporting from Fox News White House correspondent Peter Ducey.

O’Reilly tells Glenn Beck that Americans are becoming numb to the lies our politicians continue to spew and predicts America is now facing a “turning point” because of the sheer dishonesty. Here’s more.

Simon Parkes: A Slow Transition

For those lamenting the snail-like pace of the Great Awakening, there doesn’t appear to be any reprieve in sight. Simon Parkes says the complexity of the operation is so great that the White Hats aren’t going to react just to please the patriots, but to accomplish what is needed to achieve the target they’ve set.

Parkes posits that it’s seemingly more tempting to move 75 percent of the public from one standpoint to another over a period of time, without rocking the boat, than to throw all the information and facts on the table at once. “It’s coming, but it’s going to be difficult,” Parkes says. “And I  want the people at the top to make it as easy as possible, and not make it drawn out any longer than it has to be.”

Parkes brings more analysis, plus delivers more intel during a Q&A session.

Shadow Government In Control

French billionaire Phillippe Argellier claims he has four databases that expose 38 individuals who run a global shadow government and one of those is Bill Gates.

What is a shadow government? Argellier says it’s actually a body of individuals giving official orders to the elected government. While this may be hard to believe for many,  Argellier says the shadow government is composed of the highest-ranking individuals in finance and politics, including heads of state. He explicitly stated the Biden Administration is under control of this government. “I can confirm this without hesitation, based upon the information that I have,” he says. More from Argellier and Flex.

Did Biden Silence Truckers?

Lauren Southern reports that Justin Trudeau’s testimony before Canada’s Public Order Emergency Commission was a total disaster!

The inquiry, regarding everything about the freedom truckers convoy from earlier this year, found Trudeau on the hot seat, lying and flip-flopping under oath, and revealing the mass exposure that the Biden Administration was complicit in the trucker shutdown. Lauren Southern digs into the details.

Fire The First Lady!

Chile’s First Lady Irina Karamanos, who is not married to President Gabriel Boric, but is actually a live-in girlfriend, doesn’t want the job, but she’s having a hard time quitting.

Scott Ott thinks she’s on the right track, which bring up questions about Jill Biden, First Lady in the Biden Administration, and her predecessors. With a budget of $1.3 million and way more staff members than necessary, should the U.S. fire the First Lady? Should this unelected (and unpaid) presidential spouse have a staff and a budget? The Right Angle crew of Ott, Bill Whittle and Stephen Green tackle the topic.

Winter Blackouts Coming

Josh Sigurdson reports that 25 percent of Americans face intermittent winter blackouts, as the energy grid crumbles at the seams, thanks to the Biden Administration’s anti-fossil fuel policies. He also reports on the Cabal’s Great Reset agenda and the early stages of food rationing across the globe. More from World Alternative Media.

Biden Regime’s War Of Terror

Mike Adams is reporting from his sources that the corrupt Democrat Party is going to rig today’s election at levels we’ve never seen before. Even bigger than 2020! A level so massive it appears they want to get caught. Their goal: To get Republicans to start an insurrection.

That’s been the Biden regime’s plan all along: Rattle the Republicans and hope for Civil War. It’s Biden’s war of terror, replete with armed militia on the streets, lapped along their radical Antifa and BLM cohorts. Adams fleshes out the details and adds that since the Elon Musk takeover at Twitter, he now has the “goods” on the sinister Democrats–all their conniving tweets that led to the 2020 election fraud.

Diesel Crisis May Tank Economy

Automotive expert and journalist Eric Peters joins the Kate Dalley podcast to break down the reality of the fallout from the diesel fuel crisis. Peters says the looming shortage of diesel not only threatens to affect the supply chain, but also inflict significant trauma in the economy. Here’s more.

Trump Confirms He’s Q+

Christian Patriot News reports President Trump has confirmed that he is, indeed, Q+. He explains further, plus posits that Kash Patel might well be named the next director of the FBI under another Trump Administration. All this and more deltas from the Q posts.

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