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Americans Fleeing Blue States

Patriot Takes reports that Americans are fleeing blue states for red states at an astronomical rate, but adds this might well backfire for conservatives.

The insinuation, says Infowars’ Owen Shroyer, is that even though these left-leaning Dems are tired of high taxes, mandates, crime and violence in their blue state hellholes, they will continue to vote for the Democrat Party in their new homes. “Thanks for admitting that Democrats are insane and destroying the country and proving that Republican policy clearly works better,” Shroyer says. He explains further, plus reports on the surprising FBI raid on a Texas Democrat U.S. representative’s home after he blasted the Biden Administration’s border policy.

Trump Disses Biden’s First Year

President Trump gives his assessment of the Biden Administration’s first year in office in an exclusive interview with Newsmax, courtesy of Christian Patriot News (CPN), and also peeks into 2022. CPN also dissects pertinent timestamps, lined up with Q drops, and upcoming deltas.

Mandates Shut Truckers Down

A disgruntled Canadian-based truck driver warns to begin stocking up on food and supplies, because it’s only a matter of time before government vaccine tyranny shuts down the majority of the trucking industry in North America.

He says Canada’s latest Covid-vaccine mandate bans truck drivers from hitting the road if they are not fully vaccinated. A similar Biden Administration policy takes effect in the next week or so. Are the store shelves about to turn intentionally empty, thanks to the corrupt politicians? Here’s more from the RenaudBe channel.

Supremes KO Vax Mandates

The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a major blow to the Biden Administration, ruling its vaccine mandates unconstitutional. Despite the setback, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki defiantly urged all businesses to continue with the mandates during her daily press conference.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s incessant lying has backed him into a corner and the Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking saga is bringing down more heat on Prince Andrew. Will these two turn state’s evidence and sing like a bird? Stay tuned. Here more from the X22 Report.


The Era Of Deceit

Viva Frei’s David Freiheit says we are constantly being lied to in real time and the establishment is hoping we don’t find out about it.

The latest bout of deceit, says Freiheit, is the reckless message from the White House, warning the unvaccinated that they’re facing “a winter of severe illness and death” if they don’t abide by the Biden Administration’s vaccine protocols.

Freiheit says he saw this screen grab on social media and couldn’t believe what he was reading. “I said there’s no way this could be real. There’s no way the President of the United States could approve a message, basically telling Americans that, unless you get vaccinated, you’re going to die a terrible death.” In the following edition of Viva Frei, Freiheit lashes out at the behavior, noting venerable institutions have been compromised.

The Real Freeloader

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s insane accusation that entrepreneur Elon Musk is a “freeloader,” has drawn a sharp response from Dinesh D’Souza. He turned the tables on Warren, offering eight reasons to ponder that maybe we are the real freeloaders under the Biden Administration’s and Democrat Party’s reckless fiscal policies.

D’Souza explains the reasons and how we are experiencing the Sovietization of America, and also discusses Google’s attempt to conceal that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and whether we live in a universe so fine-tuned that the tuning could only have been done by an intelligent Creator.

Savin Update: Crisis Escalating

Has the Biden Administration’s weakness reached a level to where our adversaries are ready to make a move? Juan O. Savin tells David “Nino” Rodriguez that he suspects as much and says prayer is required.

Savin says the U.S. may soon be facing a Cuban Missile Crisis-like confrontation in the Ukraine. He says if Russia in fact makes a move on Ukraine, will this trigger more China aggression on Taiwan?  And furthermore, will this be the last straw for the military and President Trump to take action? Here’s Juan and Nino with some answers.

Assange Extradition Approved

Glenn Greenwald is reporting the High Court in the United Kingdom has delivered a devastating blow to Julian Assange in his quest for freedom, by essentially approving President Biden’s request for extradition.

Greenwald says the report will be sent to British Home Secretary Prita Paten for approval. The High Court’s vote overturned a lower-court ruling. Here’s Greenwald with an overview of the case, including the personal aspects of the ruling.

The 2nd Fall Of Kamala Harris

Liberal Hivemind reports the White House is willing to go to extreme measures to rid itself of Kamala Harris. The latest rumor mill, which is intensifying, is Harris is so deeply unpopular in the White House and among her staff, that the Biden Administration is pondering nominating her to the Supreme Court just to get her out of the way.

The stunning revelation comes on the heels of the toxic work environment in the VP’s office, which is imploding. Staff members are resigning at a record pace and distancing themselves from Harris and her brand. Liberal Hivemind fills us in on the juicy details.

Farmland Being Confiscated

Ice Age Farmer reports the Biden Administration has begun confiscating farmland across the Midwest to make way for construction of a massive, 1,300-mile-long carbon capture and sequestration pipeline.

The pipeline, which will be constructed by Navigator Heartland Greenway, is expected to run thousands of miles through the nation’s Corn Belt, all for the sake of confronting climate change, our food supply and the nation’s farmers be damned! Ice Age Farmer says thousands of angry farmers in middle American aren’t taking the move lightly, packing hundreds of town halls, as official announce their plans. Here’s the rest of this sad turn of events with Ice Age Farmer, courtesy of Natural News.

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