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Has China Made Alien Contact?

Chris Chappell reports that China’s Sky Eye satellite, the largest in the world, may have found several cases of technological traces and extraterrestrial civilizations outside of Earth.

A prominent Chinese cosmologist cautioned that the signal may have resulted from some kind of radio interference and needs to be confirmed and ruled out. Here’s more on the story from Chappell, plus a look into how the Biden Administration fundamentally doesn’t understand China.

Demonic World Of Trafficking

Sara Carter reports that human trafficking is prevalent across the country, but the majority of us are unaware of what’s going on. In the  following investigative report, Carter takes an intense look at the growing scourge of human trafficking and how so many women, boys and girls are sexually exploited or forced into labor right here in the United States. Here’s her report.

In a follow-up video, Carter cites some sickening statistics, including the shocker that women make up the largest proportion of human traffickers. She explains why and more.

Vaxxes Numbing the Masses

Mike Adams posits that vaccines are making the masses neurologically numb. He says they seem oblivious to the assault on America by rising inflation, out-of-control rent hikes and a 75 percent increase in fuel prices, while robotically repeating nonsense from the White House or corporate media.

So what’s really going on? “I think the spike protein is really kicking in,” Adams says. “The numbness has taken away their ability to think.” Here’s more from Adams in this episode of Natural News.

Biden’s Man-made Disaster

Think about all the things wrong with the country right now and it makes you wonder: Is this the Biden Administration’s plan?

Glenn Beck reports that we are being starved into a third-world state. Our homes starved of energy, our cars starved of fuel and our children’s bellies starved of food. And guess who the masses turn to when this all gets worse–the federal government. “Because even though Biden’s Build Back Better bill was stopped by Congress, his team is going full steam ahead to destroy America’s energy industries, anyway,” Beck says. Here’s his report.

Kamala: Queen Bee Of Cringe

Next News Network reports that Kamala Harris, the Queen Bee of Cringe, added to her legacy with another cringe-worthy moment in northern California.

Addressing the state’s massive drought and reminiscing about similar conditions during her childhood in Oakland, Harris lets out what appears to be an uncontrollable cackle. Says host Gary Franchi, “What’s so funny about a drought?” Here’s his report.

Biden’s Sinister Plan

Charlie Ward and his insider panel talk about our financial future, the artificial suppression of gold and the Biden Administration’s plan to mess with our retirement reserves. He’s joined by Simon Parkes, Adam Shardow and James Mason. Video courtesy of The Moment of Truth.


Biden Policy: Screw America!

While America continues to feel the pangs of the increasingly dangerous supply-chain shortages, the Biden Administration is shipping massive amounts of food to China, gallons of diesel fuel to Western Europe and $40 billion in foreign aid to Ukraine.

Natural News’ Mike Adams asserts that while multiple countries around the world are nationalizing  the important resources they need to survive, the Biden Administration empties its coffers with no awareness of the shortages in America. Adams explains further.

Sheikh Khalifa Death Predictable

Was the sudden death of UAE’s Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed predictable? Riss Flex reports that Sheikh Khalifa’s passing, coupled with several timely moves by the Biden Administration, appear more than suspicious.

Flex says the U.S. government administers a lot of what goes on overseas, because this is an ideal way for military contractors to cash in. “They don’t want you to know the truth,” she says. She adds there is a lot of money we launder to foreign countries as “aid” that conveniently ends up in the UAE. And guess who was the keeper of our foreign aid money and oil? Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed.

Meanwhile, back in the States, the Biden Administration has sent $3.8 billion in aid to Ukraine, with another $40 billion on its way soon. And, lo and behold, they increased our demand for foreign oil after Biden shut down production in Alaska and Gulf of Mexico. So, was the sudden death of Sheikh Khalifa just a quick way to cut out the middleman? Flex brings us more details.

The Other Food Crisis

With eyes totally focused on the looming food crisis, Don Bongino says we’re only four missed meals away from a total societal meltdown. “A food shortage is a big freakin’ deal. It’s getting worse,” he says.

But Bongino emphasizes there is a more pressing shortage within the food crisis: the scarcity of baby formula. He explains further, plus addresses the new attack on civil liberties by the Biden Aministration.


Ex-Anchor Exposes Lying Media

Kari Lake, former TV anchor and now candidate for governor in Arizona, exposes the incessant lying streaming from the corporate media and the reality behind the southern border crisis.

Appearing with Dave Rubin on The Rubin Report, Lake says that throughout her 22-year-career in TV news, she was continually told not to report anything that would offend advertisers and she also discusses how the Biden Administration’s immigration policy is inflaming the border crisis. Here’s more.

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