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Do You Believe In Magic?

Jame Dlux explores the HIV-related death of rock star Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, as well as the miraculous recovery of basketball legend Magic Johnson. Yes, even Anthony Fauci figures prominently in this story.

Chlorine Dioxide: Miracle Cure

The mainstream media calls chlorine dioxide a poisonous bleach. The FDA says it’s a dangerous toxic chemical. The truth may prove them both wrong.

Chlorine dioxide, a well-known water purification product used by the military and campers, might well be the elixir for curing devastating diseases, such as cancer and AIDS, and an endless list of viral and infectious maladies.

The inexpensive and effective chemical remedy has virtually been silenced, falsely discredited and hidden from the world by the Cabal and fake news media in perpetuating their never-ending dependence on Big Pharma. The following video, courtesy of RenaudBe, features clips exposing the fake news media’s demonization of chlorine dioxide at the expense of public health.

A Vicious Circle

Here’s the story of Lindsey Nagel, a child adopted from Romania suffering from AIDs. Her health continued to slide so long as her adopted parents followed doctors’ advice and gave her AIDs treatment drugs including Septra and ACT. But seeing how these drugs stunted her growth, caused her great pain and racked her muscles, the adopted parents followed the advice of an early AIDs skeptic Peter H. Dueberg and stopped administering the drugs to Lindsey. The end result: She not only lived, but began to see her health improve. More from JamieDlux.

What’s The Formula?

Are Third World children in Africa, Asia and Latin America dying because Westerners have been encouraging their mothers to feed the babies bottled formula, rather than actual breast milk? Jamie Dlux explores that premise in a new video, including vintage footage from Celia Farber. A veteran journalist whose work has appeared in Spin and Rolling Stone, Farber has been criticized by Leftists for promoting AIDs denialism.

Psyence 101

Comedian Jim Breuer pays homage to Anthony Fauci and his call for everyone to heed “psyence.” Breuer served as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1995 until 1998. Here he is giving a show earlier this year in Austin, Texas.

More from Jamie Dlux, drawing a comparison to the shenanigans surrounding AIDs. Will Fauci eventually become known as this generation’s closest parallel to Bernie Madoff?

Not So Scary German Guy

Jamie Dlux examines the theories of Peter Duesberg, a molecular biologist at the University of California at Berkeley, who has questioned whether the HIV virus causes death. He holds that the virus might be a harmless carrier and that the associated deaths might actually result from long-term consumption of recreational drugs. Needless to say, his views have sparked considerable debate with some gay organizations labeling him “an AIDS denialist.”

The Fall Of The Cabal: Part 14

Here is Part 14 of The Fall Of The Cabal, focusing on The Era of Depopulation. What does that look like in our daily lives? About wars, (natural?) disasters, famine & drought, plagues & diseases. The true story behind HIV/AIDS and the Spanish Flu. More from Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter.


Fauci Critic Died Mysteriously

While Dr. Anthony Fauci attempts to wiggle his way out of allegations that he approved gain-of-function research on the coronavirus at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, InfoWars has exposed the untold story buried by the mainstream media of how one of his most ardent critics mysteriously died.

The mystery dates back three decades to Kary B. Mullis, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for inventing the polymerase chain reaction, or PCR test. The AIDS epidemic was raging and NIH chief Fauci pushed for higher doses of the cancer drug AZT to treat patients. Mullis was hired to measure HIV in patients’ blood samples with his PCR method, working under the premise that HIV was the probable cause of the disease. But when he went looking for proof, he found none. He concluded that no one really knew the cause, including Fauci and his team, and came to the conclusion that the whole process was a scam.

Mullis further discovered that the NIH was losing money, the AZT scheme brought them back into the black and the men at the highest levels were all in on it. Calling these men dangerous, Mullis continued to be an outspoken critic of Fauci in an effort to expose him, but no one listened. In an ironic twist to the story, Mullis died mysteriously of pneumonia in August 2019, a few months from the onset of COVID-19.

Suffice it to say that Fauci and his corrupt cohorts further abused the PCR testing during the COVID pandemic. The PCR test was very effective, basically finding anything you looked for, depending on how high you turned up the cycles. And turn them up they did! The official protocol for COVID-19 PCR testing opened the floodgates of false positives to skew the results. They called the results asymptomatic to cover a lie. These patients didn’t have symptoms, because they didn’t have the coronavirus. Here’s more from InfoWars, including incredible clips of the outspoken Mullis.

Fauci’s Guinea Pigs

Jamie Dlux stumbles upon more evidence of the insidious research practices of Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984. Seems Fauci has been involved in research where children infested with AIDs were subjected to clinical tests that clearly increased their likelihood of risks and illnesses. These tests were done in New York as well as Illinois.
How has he retained his post for nearly 40 years? Do we have any standards whatsoever guiding the limits of medical research? These kids might have been guinea pigs. Fauci himself: A pig!

Here, Jamie Dlux returns with a separate video about Vera Sharav, founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection and one of the individuals seen in Fauci’s Guinea Pigs. She tells her story of growing up in Romania and being sent to a Nazi concentration camp after her father died, leaving only her and her mother to fend for themselves. In this video, called The New Useless Eaters, she wonders why so many adults now are just following authority and not rebelling or questioning the insane new rules and regulations governing our lives.

Social Order On The Brink

The social order is on the brink. US facing meat shortage. Farmers are dumping food. Millions are going hungry. More from Tim Pool.

This week on Questions For Corbett, a member asks about foreknowledge of the plandemic. From Event 201 to the intelligence “failures” to CEO resignations, QE4, and bioweapon research, James explores the many lines of evidence pointing to the fact that this pandemic was planned in advance. More from James Corbett on The Corbett Report.

A province in northern China is preparing thousands of hospital beds in anticipation of a surge of CCP virus patients—days after lockdown measures were relaxed in epicenter Wuhan, according to internal documents viewed by The Epoch Times.

Heilongjiang, China’s northernmost province, locked down its border city of Suifenhe on April 7, which officials said was an attempt to stem the flow of imported cases from Russia. From March 27 to April 9, the city reported more than 100 imported cases, as well as 148 asymptomatic patients—those infected who do not show any symptoms of the disease—that were imported cases. Only three new domestic infections were reported during that period.

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How better to understand the coronavirus than to explain the outbreak in song. Coronavirus used to be sung like Chopsticks. But now, there’s a new refrain from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. This is because someone –in a bioweapons lab — has grafted bars from the AIDs virus into the everyday coronavirus. Here, investigative journalist George Webb examines the role that Dr. Anthony Fauci might have played in facilitating that harmful experiment. Did the Chinese do it with USAID monies? Why was Fauci making ominous predictions about a looming pandemic that would hit President Donald Trump?

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