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Trump Versus Fake News

The Patriot Report reminds us that we’ve heard a lot of misinformation circulating out there, but ironically, most of it is being generated by the Biden Administration and the liberal mainstream media.

Case in point is the latest attack from a Politico editor, who called out President Trump for his anti-vaccination sentiment. Problem is, there was no anti-vax sentiment, not even close. With Trump gaining momentum and the Left’s fear that his return is imminent, the fake news is flowing strongly. Here’s more with Patriot Report.

A Dose Of Karma For RINOs

The establishment Republicans who stabbed President Trump in the back are about to get a huge dose of karma. In a February CPAC speech, Trump advocated for the removal of these bums, claiming they spent more time trying to remove him than fighting against the corrupt Democrat Party and equally worthless Deep State.

These Republican Party traitors will face the wrath of primary challengers and the American electorate, who have awakened to their shenanigans. Here’s more from Patriot Report.

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