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Biden Family Corruption Mounts

Appearing on Blaze TV, with host Glenn Beck, Peter Schweizer says he’s searched through 30,000-plus  emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop and has made some shocking finds. Yet, the corporate media refuses to cover the Biden Crime Family corruption, even as the evidence continues to mount.

One of the nuggets in his search, says Schweizer, is Biden still holds 10 percent interest in a Chinese government firm that he promised to divest himself from. He says Biden’s stake in the company is at a minimum $20 million. “Based on the evidence we’re finding, this is not the only existing deal Biden has with China. There are others,” Schweizer says. “And for the life of me, the fact that the media is not really pursuing this story is shocking.”

Schweizer says one of the things the emails confirm is Joe Biden is very much a part of the deal with Hunter because of their intermingled finances. He says the emails detail how Hunter paid many of then Vice-President Biden’s bills and for renovations of his Delaware home. One email confirmed a strange transaction regarding a Ford Raptor truck. “The point is, Joe Biden is a direct beneficiary of these financial deals.” Schweizer breaks down more of his findings with Glenn Beck.

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