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The Secret Subway Door

Riss Flex reports the discovery of a secret doorway in the New York City subway system went viral last week and says the details will blow your mind. Surprisingly, the doorway led to the basement of the Knickerbocker Hotel, one of New York City’s iconic hotels in Times Square. Even more stunning, the Beau Arts-style structure was owned by mogul John Jacob Astor, then the richest man in the world.

Astor had deep political ties in New York and to U.S. intelligence, probably enabling his secret doorway in a public area. Astor also boasted strong ties to  President Roosevelt, the Vanderbilt family and other elites of the era. But perhaps his claim to fame was his partnership with Nikola Tesla. Flex says they developed top-secret technology together, including advances in jet propulsion and deep investments into extra sensory perception. Could the doorway have been the secret entrance to their clandestine operation?

They had a falling out following Astor’s desire to release the technology publicly, which Tesla nixed. Astor later died tragically in the Titanic disaster. Tune in as Flex provides more details.

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