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Nikola Tesla: Vortex Math

369 Law of Attraction
What you think is what you will manifest
What you put out is what you will get from THE UNIVERSE
Give Love and that is what you will get in return
Give FEAR that is what you will get in return
Give Hate that is what you will get in return. More from Bluewater.

Snarky: Cognitive Dissonance!

More Event Intel! Cognitive Dissonance! The Pineal Gland!  Cymatics — the study of how sound affects matter! Hospital arrests in the future? Time Travelers and more from McAllister TV.

A Mayan Culture QR Code?

In his journey to unravel the stunning–and sometimes unbelievable–advanced technology of the past, Everything Inside Me (EIM) features a photograph of ancient Mayan statue with its head shaped in the form of a QR code.

EIM says it’s a good representation in today’s world of our asleep brothers and sisters. Could this be a message from our mysterious past? EIM also explains the incredible discovery by an Smithsonian Institution explorer of Egyptian artifacts in strange caverns of the Grand Canyon walls. The 1909 discovery included copper weapons, statues and granaries full of seeds. How on Earth did they get there? He explains further and brings us more discoveries.

Trump Time Travel Miracle

Nicholas Veniamin shares a video that explains how Donald Trump gets so much right — he’s able to travel through time and see the future in advance, as well as go back in time to survey history. Veniamin says the author of the hour-long video remains unknown, but watch it, and you’ll come to understand a lot of the political miracles we are witnessing.  The time travel machine came from the inventor Nikola Tesla.Nikola

Here is the side video mentioned, spelling out more about Nikola Tesla, Tesla’s working relationship with John G. Trump and how they designed and built the New Yorker Hotel in 1929 to not only provide a venue for their time travel experiments, but also to power these ventures. The video is called “The Tesla/New Yorker Hotel Theory.”


Peering Into Future Timelines

A mysterious new group by the name of ‘Guardians of the Looking Glass’ has released videos talking about major upcoming events and how humanity’s awareness of these events can influence and change them. They also reveal a MAJOR EVENT in 2030 that will change everything.

Filmmaker and researcher Frank Jacob joins us for an INSPIRED conversation and shares his in-depth knowledge about the history of Project Looking Glass and what major events will begin to unfold. More from Inspired.

528Hz: The Frequency Of Love

“If you want to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla.

Throughout history people have used a song or a chant, to give thanks or ask for rain. Witches use words to cast spells and priests use words to cast away demons. Our voice is sound vibrations that are produced by saying our words. There is a lot of power in vibration, because everything is vibrating. Dr. Leonard Horowitz explains in an eye-opening speech.

The Secret Subway Door

Riss Flex reports the discovery of a secret doorway in the New York City subway system went viral last week and says the details will blow your mind. Surprisingly, the doorway led to the basement of the Knickerbocker Hotel, one of New York City’s iconic hotels in Times Square. Even more stunning, the Beau Arts-style structure was owned by mogul John Jacob Astor, then the richest man in the world.

Astor had deep political ties in New York and to U.S. intelligence, probably enabling his secret doorway in a public area. Astor also boasted strong ties to  President Roosevelt, the Vanderbilt family and other elites of the era. But perhaps his claim to fame was his partnership with Nikola Tesla. Flex says they developed top-secret technology together, including advances in jet propulsion and deep investments into extra sensory perception. Could the doorway have been the secret entrance to their clandestine operation?

They had a falling out following Astor’s desire to release the technology publicly, which Tesla nixed. Astor later died tragically in the Titanic disaster. Tune in as Flex provides more details.

Levan Polkka On Tesla Coil

Challenge accepted: Loituma – Ievan Polkka on musical tesla coils! More from Franzoli Electronics.

The People of Other Worlds

Author and anthropologist Robert Sepehr visits Griffith Park in Los Angeles, with its world-class astronomical observatory and scientific exhibits, such as a Tesla coil and homages to Wernher von Braun, the Mazi aeronatical . Sepehr ponders the question: Are there secret underground bases on the Earth that draw visits from other planets. This discussion encompasses the Nazis’ Thule Society with their Vril maidens conjuring up alien visitors. Did the Nazis at the close of WWII retreat to Antarctica, operating a space base underground amidst the South Pole Colony?



Secret Of The Labyrinth

In Hindu scripture, Mount Meru is considered to be the center not only of the physical universe, but also its spiritual equivalent. Where is Mount Meru on Planet Earth? Near the North Pole? Or conversely, the South Pole and Antarctica? Are we occupying a globe or a crater? What does Tesla have to do with the Labyrinth? How about Walt Disney? David Bowie? Where does The Game of Thrones fit into the picture? Tesla?

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