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Vocal Print Reveals Fake Biden

Vocal analysis expert Sharry Edwards tells blogger Sarah Westall there’s a strong possibly the Joe Biden we saw early in his presidency isn’t the same person we see today.

Edwards says, “Things that were in his voice in the beginning, like vascular dementia, they’re not there now. So we don’t know what they’re doing or if these are even the same people.” Edwards says she can’t be 100 percent on the analysis, but points out that the things that were in Biden’s vocal print when he was running for president aren’t there anymore.

She also reveals the recent vocal-print analysis she conducted on the current batch of tyrants terrorizing the country and world, including Nancy Pelosi, Alejandro Mayorkas, Gov. Gavin Newsom and Bill Clinton, and says, “We learn the truths that they cannot hide in their vocal prints.”

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