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Decode On DUMBs And Mars

Gene Decode joins Michael Jaco for an intel update, including a flurry of activity by Alliance forces above and below ground. Decode says the Alliance remains busy cleaning out DUMBs and taking out “enemy” aircraft hovering nearby.

Decode also discusses the recent alleged bomb scare at the Hubert H. Humphrey Building in D.C., headquarters for Health and Human Services, which he believes was an Alliance operation. Among the departments housed in the building are the assistant secretary of health, office of planning and evaluation and office of preparedness and response. Could this have anything to do with the Emergency Broadcast System and the much-talked-about looming information blackout?

In a stunning extraterrestrial revelation, Decode says that Mars is now under the complete control of the Alliance and they’re aware there is still life on Earth. He gets into the juicy details and gives us an update on his new website in the following video, courtesy of Two Tone.

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