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Mars Closer Than You Think?

Author Claudio Nocelli writes in his latest book, The Land of Mars, that the Red Planet may be closer than you think and not 15 to 20 light years away as we’ve been led to believe.

The following video, courtesy of Bluewater,  explains how Nocelli talks about portals and how we travel to and from Mars very simply. The book also touches on the 178 worlds under the great dome, which are in close proximity to Earth. This concept is explained more thoroughly in Nocelli’s book, Terra Infinita. Here’s more and please remember to do your own research and discern the video for yourself.

Gene Decode: Earth’s ETs

Gene Decode tells Conservative Patriot Nation (CPN) that many non-terrestrial races predated humanity, many of them more prevalent in the country’s Mountain States region..

Decode explains that deep down in the mantle there were perhaps the oldest living beings on Earth, who were non-terrestrials. He says this was before the Earth was solid and actually the moon of another planet, which was in orbit between Mars and Jupiter.

Another race of unfriendly non-terrestrials–the Ant People–inhabited the area in and around the San Luis Valley, in Colorado, followed later by the Arcons. “So you had these beings that were coming to Earth for a very long time,” he says. He explains further, plus offers more intel on Ukraine and the Maui fires, and more.


Space Burn

Fresh off the heels of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Larry Sinclair, Elon Musk calls Barack Obama a pedophile. Elon, better have a hiding place on Mars! More from The Salty Cracker.

We Faked It? Not So Says Duke

Thanks to the lack of transparency in D.C., it seems the popularity of moon-landing conspiracy theories has skyrocketed in recent years. “I’m perplexed because the evidence is overwhelming,” Apollo astronaut Charlie Duke tells Glenn Beck.

As one of the few humans to walk on the moon, Charlie is well equipped to set the record straight. He walked on the moon when he was just 36, making him the youngest person to leave footprints on the lunar surface. He tells Glenn the harrowing story of his near-disastrous win in the “Moon Olympics,” when he nearly punctured his space suit: “Never do anything on the Moon that you didn’t practice on Earth.”

Charlie also walks Glenn through his incredible life story on Earth, including his journey to Christ, which he holds as even more important than his voyage to the moon. He also gives his thoughts on the future of space travel, going to Mars, and whether aliens exist.

Portal Jump Room At UCLA?

James Rink, host of Super Soldier Talk, visits Southern California to search for and investigate rumors of  a portal jump room housed at UCLA.

Rink explains that jump rooms, are quantum, entanglement, teleportation chambers that can beam you to other similar areas, such as Mars, the Moon and other off-world places, as well as other locations on our planet.

He says jump rooms are typically used by the elite and confirms there’s one south of the Los Angeles International Airport under the Boeing facility. Shockingly, Rink says, many Hilton Hotels also contain jump rooms, which are tied to the infamous Montauk Project, where certain Illuminati members can teleport quickly to perform rituals from these locations.

Join Rink as he traipses through the corridors of the UCLA building, where the jump room is allegedly located. Please used discernment when watching the video.


The Real Deep State

Kerry Cassidy tells NVTV’s Nicholas Veniamin that the secret space program is real and is suppressing advanced technology from humanity.

She says the program is run by a secret government, the real Deep State, so to speak. Not the superficial Deep State label floated around and connected to political names and others, such as the Rothschilds, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and George Soros. “Those individuals are not necessarily part of the ruling structure of the secret space program,” she says.

Cassidy says that unbeknownst to many, the secret space program takes place in underground cities, especially in the Antarctica region, and in off-planet locations, such as the Moon, Mars and the moons of Saturn. Cassidy says she’s studied the program for the last 18 years, thanks to information and evidence provided by whistleblowers who actually worked on “black projects” and were sworn to secrecy.

According to her whistleblowers, Cassidy says that the secret space program is arguably 10,000 years in advance of surface Earth. “There’s probably unlimited aspects to what the technology could solve,” she says. Here’s more with Cassidy and Veniamin, and please do your own research and use discernment when watching the video.

Xi Wants To Dominate Space

Retired Lt. Gen. Steve Kwast, founder of Spacebilt, breaks down the strategic imperative of being the first to dominate the space-factory arena.

Appearing on the Sara Carter podcast, Kwast says the only way to ensure the rules that govern space production are based on liberty and justice is to establish the American system as the standard from the outset.

This is important at this stage, Kwast says, because China is pursuing a space industrial base economy. “That’s their national vision,” Kwast says. “They invented a space force well before we did and most people don’t even know that.” He dives deeper in to the importance of dominating the space race.

Ice Wall Or Inner Earth?!?

Ice Wall or Inner Earth?!? Re-examining the strange Wikileaks photos of Antarctica. What are we seeing?

The burning of the White House. Another ritual?

Bill and Hill 1999! Kiddos Magazine…Shining a light! Worldwide NPC infestation. More television programming. Here’s McAllister TV with all of the latest updates.

Aboard The Darpa Meat Wagon

Is Dick Cheney an Omicron Reptilian? DARPA meat wagon! Tory Smith! Omega memes throw light on the Event! Full (Disclosure?) Moon coming! Bigger than you can imagine! Dome! Sun! Lenses! New stars will be discovered! More from McAllister TV.

Montauk Time Traveler

Montauk time traveler Jimmy Paine tells Super Soldier Talk (SST) that he journeyed into future many times, traipsing through alternative timelines and dimensions, and even visiting the past as far back as 630 AD.

Paine says he served in the secret space program from 1959 to 1996 as a shuttle-craft pilot for the Tall White warriors at Area 51 and participated in time travel missions with the Montauk Boys at Camp Hero. He also recalls working for the Weyland Corporation where he encountered a xenomorph at LV426, which the movie aliens were based off. He has been stationed on Mars, Titan and the Moon.

He gets into the details with host James Rink, revealing there will be a major fracturing of the United States. He also offers a different version of the John F. Kennedy assassination, plus reveals that some elements in the filming of Planet of the Apes were true. Here’s more, and please use discretion when viewing the video.

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