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Gates Calls For U.N. Police State

Bill Gates is calling for a United Nations biomedical police state in preparation for future coronavirus pandemics. In an interview with Policy Exchange’s Jeremy Hunt, Gates advocated a new World Health Organization, a sort of pandemic task force, which he admitted will cost billions.

Gates said he predicted the world was not prepared for the current pandemic in a 2015 Ted Talk and emphasized the planet should heed his warnings. Like the madman that he is, Gates praised New Zealand and Australia–two countries with the most Draconian Covid-19 measures on the planet–for their competent handling of the pandemic.

“This is a war,” says Inforwars’ Alex Jones. “He’s involved in taking over the major systems. He’s involved in controlling who can say what. And people don’t put 2 and 2 together and say, ‘Wow, he stands to gain. He’s making hundreds of millions of dollars.” In the following edition of Infowars, Jones unravels the mind of the “mad scientist.”

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