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Orcas Slaughter Blue Whale

The sea remains a vicious mystery. Here, Magog of Morskar relates a cruel event off the coast of Australia, as a gang of 70 Orcas surround and badger a blue whale, bringing it down for the slaughter.

Ancient Aussie Cave Art Found

If it weren’t for some wasp nests sitting atop some ancient kangaroo cave art, researchers would never have been able to determine the age of this amazing find. The magnificent art was in fact dated between 17,100 and 17,300 years old, thanks to three wasp nests that were carbon dated.

The discovery of the kangaroo art is significant, because it signifies theĀ  oldest known cave art recorded to date in Australia and reveals that there was a movement by aboriginal natives toward sheltered areas, away from ancient cataclysms. Within these boundary systems, people would live for a long time, and creativity and art were vital for longtime sanity. Here’s more on the discovery from BuzWeaver and the Lost History Channel TKTC.

The Lull Before The Storm

Simon Parkes returns after a long absence to say a storm is approaching, but for now, we remain in what appears to be a lull. In fact, it’s not. Forces are mobilizing for the storm ahead.

Already we are seeing some signs of change. Australia is battling Big Tech. Great Britain has initiated photo IDS for voters to prevent the blatant election rigging seen in the United States.

Otherwise, Parkes gets into the new quantum system of financing soon to be adopted by many countries and banking systems, and explains how it might impact cryptocurrencies. This is spurring greater investments in gold, silver and land.

Facebook Bans Australian News

Facebook is acting just like the railroad robber barons of the 19th century. Before they got regulated for running monopolies, the railroads would simply drop transit stops for a town if it posed any problems for them. The trains would roll through the town, without leaving off passengers or picking them up.

That’s essentially what Facebook has now done to the nation of Australia. The social media monopoly didn’t like some new laws Australia has enacted regarding the company, so Facebook banned users from posting any Australian news.

This isn’t a partial ban, either. Not only are news stories banned, but also opinion and commentary, as well as emergency services. It’s time Facebook paid a huge price for this blatant censorship. It has fallen off the manhole, down into the sewer, same as Twitter and many other Leftist social media platforms. More from Tim Pool.

Thousands of Australians have deleted their Facebook profiles in response to the showdown between the social media giant and the Australian government. Here, Steve Turley explains why Australians are stomping on Facebook. Will Big Tech be forced to back down or will they get even more draconian moving forward?


Pope Francis To Resign?

In Pursuit Of Truth issued a short Two Minutes of Truth video, citing unnamed sources who claim Pope Francis will soon resign. A specific date was not given, but IPOT says to keep an eye out for a resignation soon after Christmas. This comes following a series of escalating real estate scandals, first involving properties in London and more recently supposed charitable endeavors in Australia.

Unbelievable Giant Animals

When asked about the biggest animal in the world, what picture comes to mind? Is it a giraffe, an anaconda or a blue whale? These are some of the biggest animals on the planet, but you might be shocked at the unbelievable giants caught in the following raw footage presented by Wild Focus.

Among the miraculous sights is a massive 6-foot, 4-inch cow in Australia, who was saved from the slaughter house simply because he couldn’t fit through the doors of the facility. Or the huge turtle feeding underwater, who dwarfs a pair of deep-sea divers. Then there’s the monstrous rabbit in New York that would put Peter Cottontail to shame. Tune in for more.

Frontier Psychiatrist

The Melbourne, Australia electronic band The Avalanches perform their 2001 hit “Frontier Psychiatrist.” Services rendered for anyone who believes even one-third of what they read in newspapers and magazines.

Day of Reckoning Has Arrived

The Great Reset is upon us. It will be a time of tumultuous upheaval. Also, great unemployment. In Sydney, Australia, a job opening for a dishwasher recently drew 6,000 applicants. How can we survive this Day of Reckoning? Especially when political squabbles are leading to the demise of stimulus checks. It’s not going to be easy, but Black Pigeon Speaks says there are ways to get through the turmoil.

Noose Of Censorship Tightens

We’re all in trouble. The social media platforms are transforming our democracies into regimented, censor-dictated Communist states. Doesn’t matter if it’s Australia, Great Britain or the United States, the storm clouds are darkening and the fascists are on the rise. More from The Sargon of Akkad.

The Biden candidacy is effectively over, says Steve Turley. The Big Tech censorship of bombshell emails is backfiring. Americans know the mainstream media and social media platforms are run by hardcore Liberals, but the public is not going to accept outright lies or bald-faced censorship.

Bill Still says the Federal Communications Commission will implement rule changes to remove Section 230 protections for social media platforms. These will mean Twitter, or YouTube, or Facebook, can be sued for defamation and libel, same as newspapers or television stations. Makes sense with social media platforms clearly acting as publishers by choosing the censor content that doesn’t fit these outfits and their predominantly Leftist positions.

Twitter Bans Jordan Sather

Jordan Sather, content creator behind Destroying the Illusion, is the latest conservative banned by Twitter. Sather lost his Twitter account numbering about 200,000 followers. This is the second time he has been bounced off the platform. The first time, they sent him an explanatory letter, but he received no communication from Twitter whatsoever after this latest dustup. Here, he speculates on what might have led the powers that be to subject him to outright censorship.

Just how draconian and churlish are the social media outlets getting with their censorship? Now, the esteemed and veteran journalist Bill Still has even felt the voodoo sting as YouTube has deplatformed him for a week. His crime? He reported two months ago on an Australian doctor, Prof. Thomas Borody, who discovered that the legacy drug, Ivermectin, along with the legacy antibiotic Doxycycline, along with common zinc can cure COVID-19 in even very sick patients.

But good news on curing COVID is bad news to YouTube for some reason. We can only guess at what that reason might be, but there is evidence that Google does not favor President Trump, so curing COVID would permanently end the economic lockdown that the Desperados are laughingly trying to blame on the President. Here’s more from Bill Still, via Bitchute. If you haven’t already tried it out, you should visit Bitchute. It’s a legitimate social media platform that refrains from the blatant Leftist censorship that is YouTube’s stock in trade nowadays. Give it a whirl and discover for yourself.

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