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Losing Touch With Humanity

While the global elite push the world into a more abundant, destructive tyranny, their endgame isn’t what you think, according to Dr. David Martin. He harkens back to 1604 and the establishment of the British East India Company, around the same time as the Dutch East India Company, and the charter that granted the notion of limited-liability corporations.

Martin says the minute we decided to make corporations incapable of accountability, we lost touch with what humanity means. “Humanity includes accountability,” he says. “So, for the last 425 years, we’ve had a world in which it has been perfectly acceptable for corporations to take actions that are, by definition, inhumane and, in many cases, explicitly antihuman.”

He joins World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson to discuss the shocking totalitarianism in the world today and how people could save their children and also talks about the failure to isolate the so-called virus as the premise of the entire argument promoting the vaccination.

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