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Leaving Mass Formation Behind

Mattias Desmet is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University in Belgium. His theory of mass formation during the coronavirus crisis has become widely known and widely misunderstood since gaining mainstream attention.

His new book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism, lays out what mass formation is, how it develops, how it leads to totalitarianism, and what we must do to change the conditions that makes these mass formation events possible. More from The Corbett Report.


Evil Plans Shared At Davos

The monsters at the World Economic Forum reveal their plans! It’s a totalitarian world they envision, where everyday citizens are stripped of their rights and their freedoms. Here in the United States, election season is swinging to the forefront. Guns will be a central issue of debate, along with race and babies! Also monkeys! Pray! More from And We Know.

James Roguski returns to SGT Report with a call to action for all Patriots. The rats are scurrying as Americans wake up to the Biden administration and the W.H.O.’s treachery.

Say Bye To Nancy in 2022

Dan Radiostyle reports that it could be curtains for Nancy Pelosi this year in light of the Deep State running into roadblocks at every turn. He says she failed in pushing her agenda through Congress and the Jan. 6 Committee probe is a sham.

In this edition of On The Fringe, Radiostyle also highlights the infighting in the Democrat Party and focuses on how the Deep State is talking tough, although their actions suggest they’re losing power quickly. Here’s the report.

Vax Nation

Happy New Year!

The tyrants are losing more and more control by the day… as they try to force maximum totalitarianism.

Problem is—they need us to cooperate. And that ain’t happening.

And our numbers grow stronger. More from Joe Dan Gorman.

New York To Arrest Unjabbed?

Josh Sigurdson reports that the state of New York is pushing a bill to allow Gov. Kathy Hochul to essentially imprison unvaccinated people as a matter of a public health emergency. Sigurdson says this is something we’ve seen coming for a long time and it appears the tides are turning toward complete totalitarianism. Here’s the disturbing story.

We Can Crush Their Narrative

In this moment when the totalitarians have destroyed our way of life, we have an opportunity. Their narrative is a loser, ours is eternal.More from Amazing Polly.

Live Under Grace

I talk about totalitarianism and how living under grace can help reverse the process in yourself and therefore in the world. More from Amazing Polly.

If Authoritarians Taught Yoga

The obedience unfolds beautifully! Totalitarianism has never been more freeing. More from AwakenwithJP.

Losing Touch With Humanity

While the global elite push the world into a more abundant, destructive tyranny, their endgame isn’t what you think, according to Dr. David Martin. He harkens back to 1604 and the establishment of the British East India Company, around the same time as the Dutch East India Company, and the charter that granted the notion of limited-liability corporations.

Martin says the minute we decided to make corporations incapable of accountability, we lost touch with what humanity means. “Humanity includes accountability,” he says. “So, for the last 425 years, we’ve had a world in which it has been perfectly acceptable for corporations to take actions that are, by definition, inhumane and, in many cases, explicitly antihuman.”

He joins World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson to discuss the shocking totalitarianism in the world today and how people could save their children and also talks about the failure to isolate the so-called virus as the premise of the entire argument promoting the vaccination.

Totalitarianism Is Great!

Here are the next 4 mandates coming your way soon! Totalitarianism is great. But more importantly it’s for your protection! More from AwakenwithJP.

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