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More False-Flag Blackouts

Josh Sigurdson reports that the false-flag blackouts have intensified as the World Economic Forum 2023 comes to an end.

He says Pakistan has seen significant grid failure and the United Kingdom, much of Europe and many parts of the United States have recently witnessed what many of us have been warning about for years: Blackouts! Here’s his report.

CIA Plotting World War III!

More reports have surfaced regarding CIA sabotage attacks inside of Russia and Ukraine, as the proxy war continues and shifts closer to a full global conflict.

Josh Sigurdson says an anti-air missile hit a residential apartment complex in Dnipro, Ukraine, recently, causing at least 44 casualties. He says both sides blamed each other, which led to the resignation of a Ukrainian official, who admitted on live TV that it was indeed a Ukrainian missile.

Meanwhile, investigative journalist Jack Murphy has exposed the CIA’s involvement in the conflict and its efforts to plot a U.S.-Russia war. More from World Alternative Media.

A Cure For Vaccine Injured?

Josh Sigurdson reports on FoliumPX, an immuno-supplement that detoxes heavy metals and radiation illness, and is backed by countless studies. He welcomes FoliumPX President Babry Oren and Dr. Stephanie Christner to discuss the potential benefits of the supplement and how it could cure vaccine injuries.


WHO: Anti-vaxxers Terrorists

Josh Sigurdson says the World Health Organization’s (WHO) psychopathic doctors and pharmaceutical establishment are labeling those who oppose vaccinations terrorists!

WHO’s Dr. Peter Hotez claims anti-vaccine activists are more deadly than terrorism, nuclear proliferation or gun violence. Sigurdson says this is an incredible statement, considering conspiracy theorists have been vindicated in almost every regard when it comes to vaccines. More from World Conservative Media.

Banning Flying, Use Of Cars

As the White Hats tighten their grip on the evil forces, the globalists are fighting back with more insane restrictions. How about their move to ban flying and the private use of cars by 2050! Insane, indeed!

Josh Sigurdson reports that France is at the forefront of the silliness, already banning domestic flights in the name of cracking down on climate change. They are also pushing to ban privately owned vehicles from city centers by 2024. Meanwhile, the WEF has openly called for an end to private-vehicle ownership. Here’s Sigurdson with more.

Mass Blackouts Across U.S.

A dark winter is tightening its grip on the U.S. and the globe with massive power outages. Josh Sigurdson says this follows the plan of the Great Reset and the beginning of the end of the power grid. More from World Alternative Media.

Wells Fargo Gets Slap On Wrist

Josh Sigurdson says the long, drawn-out Wells Fargo fraud scandal is nearing its end, with the banking giant getting the proverbial slap on the wrist.

Sigurdson says Wells Fargo was finally charged with creating fake accounts and loans, and fraudulently repossessing peoples’ homes, adding billions in surprise fees to their coffers dating back to 2016. Their penalty: a measly $3.7 billion! “This is a slap on the hand,” Sigurdson says. “This is the sign of a desperate bank and they’ve been desperate for some time.” Here’s his report.

Power Grid False Flags

Josh Sigurdson reports the number of false flags on power grids has increased dramatically, signally possible disaster in the diesel crisis.

He says that while the mainstream media has finally picked up the story, they are promoting the notion that right-wing extremists and Russia are the culprits. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Climate Lockdowns Begin

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) insanity has escalated to the next level! Josh Sigurdson says the WEF has implemented its “15-Minute City Project” into multiple areas around the world.

Sigurdson explains that the project is basically the creation of climate lockdowns, cordoning off neighborhoods into sections and banning the movement outside of those zones without a permit from the government. “It’s not just an idea,” Sigurdson says. “They are actually rolling out this legislation, all under the guise of saving the climate.” Here’s more.

Vaccine Genocide Continues!

Josh Sigurdson says the vaccine genocide continues, with millennial deaths up another 36 percent! He says that, overall, we’ve seen a whopping 163 percent increase in deaths year-over-year,

Meanwhile, the media claims it’s unvaccinated people stressing out the vaccinated that is causing vaccine injuries. Here’s more with Sigurdson, who also reports on the return of mask mandates in California.

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