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Greatest Collapse In History

What’s next for global currencies? What’s next for the markets? Josh Sigurdson welcomes Wealth Research Group’s Lior Ganz to discuss the global economic instability and the shocking claim from financial icon Robert Kiyosaki, who warns this might go down as the greatest collapse in history.

Has WWIII Been Declared?

Josh Sigurdson reports on the essential declaration of war between Russia, China, Israel and India against the United States, Ukraine, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Britain and NATO!

Sourcing the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail, Sigurdson says Finland, Poland and several other countries may well be in a world of hurt in light of the push by the Cabal for global war in its march toward the Great Reset. Here’s his report.

Media Flip-Flops On Covid Jab

In a stunning flip-flop, the mainstream media is openly admitting that Covid-19 vaccines are killing far more people than the virus itself.¬†Josh Sigurdson reports that ABC News was recently forced to admit the increased vaccine deaths and added the situation will worsen with the introduction of a fourth shot. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Agenda To Enslave Humanity

Josh Sigurdson talks with James Patrick, creator of the film Planet Lockdown, about the true implications and the real agenda behind the lockdowns, jab masses and the future agenda of technocracy and transhumanism.

Patrick interviewed countless people during the lockdowns and connected dots between the lockdowns and the others inflation, supply chain, social credit, SDRs and more. Here’s the interview.


Future Of Fake Pandemics

Josh Sigurdson welcomes Dr. Andrew Kaufman to the podcast to discuss his release of the film, Terrain, which outs the fake bird flu, the regular attempts at psychological warfare and the overall war on humanity itself.
Dr. Kaufman, who says this is the third release of the film, breaks down his thoughts on controlled opposition in the movement, identitarianism and what it means to be human. Here’s more on World Alternative Media.

Crashing Economy On Purpose

Josh Sigurdson welcomes The Liberty Advisor’s Tim Picciott to discuss the shocking move by the globalists to crash both the stock market and the economy on purpose in order to get us into the Great Reset agenda.

Sigurdson says the establishment has worked hard to commit people to subservience and eugenics in the last two years, which includes the faux Covid-19 pandemic, which Bill Gates says is far from over. Here’s more.

Great Reset Power Shift

Josh Sigurdson reports on Deutsche Bank, once one of the largest banks in the world, warning of a massive recession in the face of large inflation numbers and potential conflict, supply-chain breakdown, stock market crash, printing and more.

In this edition of World Alternative Media, Sigurdson discusses how the United States and Germany are bracing for record inflation numbers that will force their hand in a global currency power shift.

Stock Market On Verge Of Crash

With huge drops of 900 and 800 points in the Dow Jones Industrial Average in the last week alone, is the stock market headed for a massive crash? World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson gets the lowdown from Tim Picciott, of The Liberty Advisor.

The Next Plandemic

The Covid-19 plandemic has been put to rest. Next up: the bird flu! World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson reports it’s another hoax, another trap by the Deep State to keep us enslaved. Here’s his report.

CDC Warns Of Liver Damage

In a massive vaccine blowback, the CDC has issued a nationwide alert of acute liver damage in children who have been jabbed. Josh Sigurdson reports the warning comes after a mysterious rash of children contracting hepatitis and the so-called “adenovirus.” Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

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