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Factory Fires Intensify!

The world’s largest wholesale fresh-produce market in Paris was the latest victim of the Cabal’s ongoing effort to disrupt the planet’s food supply chain. The blaze adds to 750-plus fires worldwide, including more than 150 in the last year.

World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson reports that while some fires may have been accidental, it’s not logical  to claim that all of them were. Add to this mayhem in the Netherlands, Canada and Ireland, where governments are shutting down and confiscating farmlands. Here’s more.

Governments Banning Vaccines

Josh Sigurdson reports that governments around the world are blanketly banning or pausing vaccines due to the danger caused by the jabs.

He says recent news out of Denmark reveals the vaccine is banned for those 50-and-under, while in the UK, the vax is being paused for children 5 to 11 due to a recent 22 percent increase in death cases and an increase in illness. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

FDA Vax-Death Coverup

World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson says breaking news from Zero Hedge reveals that the FDA has refused to provide key Covid-19 vaccine safety analyses.

Sigurdson reports that in the vaccine-approval process, the FDA looked the other way when Pfizer dismissed or didn’t include data of child deaths from the vaccine. This comes as the CDC also notes Pfizer continues to release deadly batches of vaccines into the public. All the while, 1,249 athletes have either been severely injured or killed by the vaccine since the release of the clot shot. Sigurdson brings us more details.

Prediction: NASA False Flag

Josh Sigurdson boldly predicts that NASA will purposely derail its mission to  the moon with a false flag. He says the lunar mission, which has been pushed to October due to technical issues, might well end in a crash with fatalities.

Addressing the issue on Facebook, Sigurdson wrote, “This will represent the end of the American empire as we know it.”  He added the scenario is a real and present danger and there’s no reason for it and the collapse in other areas recently, other than for the benefit of the Deep State’s Great Reset. Here’s more.

Imminent Collapse Of EU

Josh Sigurdson reports on the imminent collapse of the European Union, as governments warn the end could come next winter.

Sigurdson says Europe is currently in a state of collapse, thanks to inflation and the plummeting Euro, self-inflicted energy crises and supply chain breakdowns. Then there’s the migrant crisis, with deaths exploding among European countries. The disaster will be one for the history books. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Argentina’ VP Survives Attack

Josh Sigurdson features shocking video of a failed assassination attempt on former Argentinian President and current VP Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Sigurdson says the suspect aimed point blank at Fernandez de Kirchner’s face, but the firearm appeared to jam. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

UFC Fighter Exposes Pedos

In a stunning post-fight rant, UFC fighter Joel Bauman lashed out at Hollywood pedophiles, Jimmy Kimmel and the mainstream media. He demanded the release of convicted sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell’s contact list and Jeffrey Epstein’s black book. More from Josh Sigurdson and World Alternative Media.

Propaganda Galore!

World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson says the globalists are leaving no rocks unturned in their effort to  push their Covid narrative. He says they recruited 110,000 digital-first responders aka trolls, to manipulate and spread propaganda and force the public into Covid compliance.

Sigurdson says the establishment promoted fake news and paid off media to psychologically program people to get vaccinated. Here’s the rest of the story.

Was Anne Heche Murdered?

Josh Sigurdson reports on the strange case of actor Anne Heche’s death in a fiery California crash, where she was seen struggling to escape the ambulance gurney after being allegedly brain dead. He says large amounts of cocaine and alcohol were found in Heche’s body after her death..

Sigurdson says Heche was working on a film exposing child trafficking at the time of her crash, which included information of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Heche also starred in a 2008 film titled Toxic Skies, which detailed a pandemic or plague caused by government-induced chemtrails. Strange coincidences, to say the least. Could the iconic actor have been murdered by the Cabal? Here’s more from Sigurdson on World Alternative Media.

Disguising Mines As Toys

In a revelation that can only be disguised as pure evil, Josh Sigurdson reports that the Ukraine government is dropping what the military calls “petal mines,” disguised as children’s toys, into Russian neighborhoods in Donetsk and Donbass. While the mines cannot harm heavy military equipment, they are basically designed strictly to attack innocent civilians. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

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