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A Ban On Oil?

Biden Administration energy adviser Amos Hochstein laid down the gauntlet earlier this week, proclaiming he supports the idea of ending drilling and, eventually, completely phasing out oil.

Josh Sigurdson explains the insanity, plus reports on the breaking news of the British Navy’s major role in the sabotage of the NordStream pipeline.

Institutionalizing The Unvaxxed?

Josh Sigurdson reports on recent news out of Canada, regarding the recommendation by the Canadian College Of Physicians to drug and institutionalize those people who are not vaccinated or areĀ  so-called “vaccine hesitant.”

Sigurdson says this is the latest call for the destruction of bodily autonomy, which piles onto thousands of other examples out of Canada, alone. Here’s his report on World Alternative Media.

Great Reset Modeled After China

Klaus Schwab has finally admitted that the Great Reset is modeled after Communist China!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent interview Schwab gave to a television station, owned largely by the Chinese Communist Party, where he openly admits that China is a “role model” for the New World Order. More from World Alternative Media.

Winter Blackouts Coming

Josh Sigurdson reports that 25 percent of Americans face intermittent winter blackouts, as the energy grid crumbles at the seams, thanks to the Biden Administration’s anti-fossil fuel policies. He also reports on the Cabal’s Great Reset agenda and the early stages of food rationing across the globe. More from World Alternative Media.

Global Vax Passport Exposed

Josh Sigurdson reports the Deep State’s sinister plan for a global vaccination passport has been exposed. It’s a refurbished version of what we’ve seen in the past and they are laying out the blueprint at G20.

Meanwhile, the globalists are moving forward with their Great Reset, as banks have already integrated carbon credits into apps and state governments, such as Canada, continue their vaccine tyranny. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Death Of The Dollar

Josh Sigurdson reports that the mainstream media is making it appear that inflation is not so bad, masking the impending death of the dollar!

Sigurdson says the move by Saudi Arabia into the new BRICS world order and digital currency system spells bad news for the dollar. Millions of jobs are being wiped out and countless people are desperately searching for secondary means of employment to make ends meet. Add this to the supply chain and energy crises and the snowball effect will lead to one of the largest power shifts in human history. More from World Alternative Media.

Massive Supply Chain Crisis!

Maersk, one of the top shipping container companies in the world headquartered in Copenhagen, warns that the supply chain is in for a massive crisis, larger than most can understand.

Josh Sigurdson reports that the pieces of the crisis puzzle that are the plandemic, supply chain, the energy grid, the economy and the real estate market all lead to the biggest puzzle piece of all–the complete compliance of the masses under a technocratic new world government system tied to a cashless society. Here’s his report.

Nuremberg 2.0?

If Republicans reclaim the Senate, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul may lead a Nuremberg-style investigation into the Covid-19 crimes.

Josh Sigurdson reports the calls to prosecute the Covid tyranny is growing from other politicos as well, including Kari Lake, who says she wants a commission formed to probe how Covid was handled in Arizona. Here’s his report.

Facebook’s Meteoric Collapse!

In what he calls a “win for humanity,” World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson reports that Meta/Facebook stock is in a massive free fall, registering the single greatest wealth loss in history–$100 billion!

The loss even brought CNBC’s stock analyst Jim Cramer to tears on live TV, apologizing for recommending Meta to his viewers. Here more with Sigurdson.

25 Days Of Diesel Fuel Left!

The energy crisis is upon us with the collapse of the supply chain, as the United States now faces a serious shortage of diesel fuel.

Josh Sigurdson reports that just 25 days of diesel fuel remains until the gauge hits empty, which is basically a death blow to the trucking industry and their effort to deliver food across the country. “The Great Reset is on our doorstep and creeping into our homes,” Sigurdson says. “They want you to be desperate so you accept their evil new world order technocracy agenda.” Here’s his report.

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