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No Jab, No Sports

The war on healthy people by the Biden Administration continues, after the Brooklyn Nets banned superstar guard Kyrie Irving from playing until he gets vaccinated. “Absolutely coersive, absolutely nonsensical,” says World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson. “There’s never been any study that shows unjabbed people risk jabbed people.”

The tyranny has spread to other stars and leagues, as well. The NBA’s Jonathan Isaac, of the Orlando Magic, has also expressed his opposition to forced vaccinations and has not been allowed around players at many functions. The NHL’s Tyler Bertuzzi, of the Detroit Redwings, was banned from all Canadian games for not being vaccinated.

What perhaps is most beautiful in all this, says Sigurdson, is these young men have enough principles to turn down millions of dollars and destroy their own careers because they believe in their own personal choices, in freedom and bodily autonomy. More from World Alternative Media.

The New, Deadly Covid Pill

Pharmaceutical giant Merck is rushing to get a new Covid vaccination pill to market, which many scientists say contains enormous health risks. The vax is heavily subsidized by government and is being sold for far more than it costs to manufacture the pill.

World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson reports that alarming studies reveal a huge cancer and heart attack risk among the medicated. “Not only is it incredibly concerning to see the Department of Defense helping to develop a mass-enforced Covid pill that’s supposed to replace the vaccine, but it also shows how evil these people truly are,” Sigurdson says. He points out that millions of people will ingest the pill before any long-term studies are undertaken. Here’s more of his report.

Collapse Of Supply Chain

Josh Sigurdson reports there’s an obvious and controlled disruption to the supply chain, posing a clear danger to economies worldwide. The organized push is also causing massive employment shortages, which in turn, is halting the flow of goods and services internationally.

The lack of transportation, an offshoot in the disruption, is leading to massive livestock kill-offs and sparking skyrocketing inflation. An estimated 120,000 pigs are set to be slaughtered and tossed away, sending meat prices through the roof and making it unaffordable for most businesses and individuals. “When this happens, people become desperate. When people become desperate, they can be controlled,” Sigurdson says. This, of course, is in perfect timing for climate lockdowns and carbon credits added to social-credit scores, which also include the jab. More from World Alternative Media.

You Are Owned!

Josh Sigurdson reports that the advent of social credit worldwide is not just imminent, it is already reality on a huge scale. The shocking global takeover, via technocracy, will be implemented through your social credit scores.

The IMF has made clear in the past that your social credit score will be your Google search, your Facebook history and your Twitter will follow. The score will be used to decide what you can and cannot do in everyday life. You will become part of the machine you hold in your hand or sit in front of at your desk. Your compliance will decide the credit score. No vaccine? No life. In other words, you’ll be owned! Sigurdson explains further in this edition of World Alternative Media.

Vaccines In Your Food!

There’s shocking news out of the University of California that the creation of mRNA vaccine fruits and vegetables are almost ready to be deployed into supermarkets. The excuse, of course, is to keep people safe, but this has the potential to kill millions.

“They (Deep State) are developing very serious bioweapons, that by the way, is going to sound like some of the craziest conspiracy theories you’ve ever heard,” says Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media. “However, it’s actually happening and it’s entirely in the mainstream.”

Meanwhile, there are also reports of theragrippers on swabs, used to inject vaccines via parasitic robots, that cling to your stomach. And Bill Gates is getting in on the action, still purchasing large swaths of farmland throughout the country to produce the ominous fruits and vegetables. More from World Alternative Media.

Fake Numbers Worldwide

From Mexico City to Paris, New York to Rome and all across the planet, there is strong evidence of the Deep State’s push to fake testing and vaccination numbers.

Reporting on the ground in Mexico City and Paris, Josh Sigurdson says governments in practically every corner around the world are using the same protocol to force fraudulent numbers. He digs into the details in this edition of World Alternative Media.

Promising Cure For Vax Injured

FoliumPX, an anti-radiation medication, is showing promising results after countless studies for those who’ve been injured by vaccines. World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson says with so many people reporting injuries from vaccines and many others dying, it’s important that people understand both sides of the narrative and keep an open mind.

Many patients suffering from adverse reactions to the vaccine are experiencing marked improvement after taking FoliumPX.  Sigurdson talks with Babry Oren, the man behind FoliumPX, and breaks down what it is, how it works and why it works.

They Want You Broke!

Josh Sigurdson reports we are witnessing crazy protocols and insane inflation, which will most likely lead to a monster economic collapse for the record books.

Take New York, where government is turning to the desperation and dependence game, subsidizing the massive poverty of citizens and businesses, all in the name of frivolous Covid lockdowns and mandates. And this trend is proliferating across the nation. Rather than open up the economy, officials are opting to flood the system with more money, sending the proletariat into deep debt. They literally want us broke!

It’s become a centralized technocracy that can only spell tyranny. Here’s more with Sigurdson on World Alternative Media.

Covid Tyranny Escalating

Covid tyranny in Australia has escalated to shocking levels, as the Australian government turns to concentration camps and food rationing to control violators.

World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson reports that while basic Aussie freedoms continue to disappear and the country grows into a Chinese-style technocracy, the North South Wales health chief now says people will have to get used to lockdowns and boosters forever. “This is coming to a place near you soon,” Sigurdson says. “We see it starting in Ireland. We see it in Canada. We see it in Paris, France, and in Italy. If you don’t fight back, you will succumb to the crippling tyranny like a cattle to the slaughter.” Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

The Narrative Is Collapsing

Josh Sigurdson says we’re witnessing a massive awakening worldwide, regarding the Covid-19 vaccine dangers and the enforcement narrative in general.

The huge blowback is growing by leaps and bounds as millions take to protest in the streets, choosing to ignore the tyrannical dictates of Big Pharma-owned government and eugenics agendas. Sigurdson reports FDA officials are stepping down in protest over the recommended booster shots and, in New York, the health commissioner is repealing mask mandates for unvaccinated citizens. Meanwhile, Harvard epidemiologists are sounding the alarm on the vaccine and the CDC is admitting you’re more likely to get sick in a roundabout way from the inoculation. More on the hysteria from World Alternative media.

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