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Cryptocurrencies Taking Off

We are witnessing an historic time period for cryptocurrencies that will linger for many years. World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson reports on the massive move for Bitcoin, as the resistance has been broken and the price has skyrocketed to nearly 65,000!

Meanwhile, another cryptocurrency, Ethereum, has hit an all-time high and Coinbase has gone public on NASDAQ. As governments push forward a centrally planned cashless society with social credit scores, millions of people appear to be moving toward the cryptocurrencies as a hedge against surveillance. Here’s more from the Sigurdson, who explains the difference between a decentralized cashless alternative and a centrally planned cashless society.

Economy Will Implode!

The economy is tracking toward a monumental collapse for the ages! With millions of Americans still out of work, the Biden Administration continues to print trillions of dollars, including a $2 trillion infrastructure plan that is doomed to fail.

World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson says it goes without saying that the government is handing over a boatload of money to different contractors on the state and municipal level throughout the country to patch up and build roads at higher prices than it would have cost on the free market. At the same time, the government is allocating the lion’s share of employment to the state, a plan that has failed miserably in so many countries. “Most of the money goes to subsidies and expenditures and comes with the largest tax increase in United States history,” he says.

Sigurdson warns this is a massive red flag for what is an increasingly bloated stock market, as the government continues to print money into oblivion to pump up bonds, which in turn, carry Wall Street. All the while, the risk of inflation grows daily and the solutions become fewer. Here’s more with Sigurdson, who offers some answers of his own.

Hunter’s Stunning Admisson

In a stunning admission to CBS “Sunday Morning” on Friday, Hunter Biden says the infamous laptop from hell absolutely could belong to him. During the obviously scripted and soft interview, Biden admitted, that the laptop could have been stolen from him, could of been hacked and could of come from Russian intelligence.

The laptop had evidence of Hunter Biden’s and his father, Joe Biden’s, unsavory dealings with the Chinese and the Ukranian governments, proving that now-President Biden lied about not knowing anything about the liaison. It also contained inappropriate photos of Hunter with underage girls and smoking crack. This was all verified by the FBI and police, but called a “debunked smear campaign” by the mainstream media.

The New York Post first broke the story during the 2020 campaign, but was banned from Twitter and criticized on other social media. “It’s the height of insanity, it’s Orwellian double-think and this is exactly what we’ve been dealing with so long with the media,” Josh Sigurdson says. Here’s more on the story with Sigurdson of World Alternative Media.

They Are Terrified!

While the country continues its path toward recovery from the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, there are signs of panic creeping back into the narrative. World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson says the recent claim from the CDC warning of another major virus surge is nothing more than a huge psyop of misinformation meant to sway us in the wrong direction.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s pronouncement of “impending doom” for everyone, coupled with Big Pharma pumping nonsense into the the easily fooled, is plain and simple fear-mongering. Sigurdson says the global establishment are terrified. Why? Because, although many people are buying the lies, they are fully aware that the truth will destroy their plans for world domination. Here’s more of Sigurdson’s analysis.

Forced Vaccinations For Kids

As evil as it sounds, World Alternative News is reporting that children will be forced to receive COVID-19 vaccinations, despite  countless studies showing that they are largely immune and that the vaccine could be dangerous for them.

Dr. Kawsar Talaat, of the eugenics-loving Johns Hopkins Institute, says that children need to be vaccinated or else there will be no immunity. Host Josh Sigurdson has a different perspective, explaining this could lead to mass sterilization of the planet that doesn’t worry eugenicists, it pleases them. With children facing health problems for the rest of their lives, this could snowball quickly and essentially create a civilization of robots.

Sigurdson says that SAR-Cov2 has never been isolated from humans. There are no tests in use to actually sequence the virus, just PCR units that determine whether you have or had a virus or bacterial illness in your life. “Not only is this all utter nonsense, it’s extremely dangerous,” he says. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

UFC Rejects COVID Fear

In a stunning announcement, the UFC is back at full throttle without COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and the lockdown fraternity is going crazy.

UFC President Dana White says the next fighting extravaganza in Jacksonville, Fla., will be massive, with no restrictions on capacity limits. Meanwhile, back at the lockdown ranch, thousands of Fauci followers lit up Twitter, calling White and the UFC crowd a bunch of idiots. Says Josh Sigurdson, of World Alternative Media, “I find this an interesting lesson in psychology.” He weighs in on the brouhaha and explains why there is nothing to worry about if we all decide to live freely and stop revering the chains of the state.

This Will Never End

A news story recently trending on social media via The Telegraph in the United Kingdom, claims alleged coronavirus cases are falling dramatically and experts don’t know why. World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson says the story is a mix of insanity and hilarity, considering that the so-called cases they speak of were never cases. It’s a maniacal cycle that seemingly will never end.

As we entered frigid winter months and the influenza season, more people became susceptible to common colds and the flu, not the coronavirus. The problem actually began with the PCR tests and all the false positives it spit out, then throttled out to a massive amount of cycles or amplifications. In more simple terms, the tests have been giving people a diagnosis based on the cold and flu.

Now, the cold and flu season is coming to an end, so there are less sick people, which means less positive tests for viruses or bacterial issues, thus COVID-19 cases are dropping. Here’s more with Sigurdson, who lays the wood on the so-called experts.

The Forever Wars Are Back!

Didn’t take the war-crazed Democrats long to unleash a new military skirmish. Joe Biden has barely been in office a month and already he has ordered the bombing of Syria.

You can always count on the punch-drunk Democrats to get America involved in another war. Damn, crazy Leftists! If they hate soldiers so much, why are they always so quick to pull the trigger and touch off global confrontations?

Probably they have corporate donors in the military-industrial complex to appease.  Lord knows they aren’t looking out for Americans! More from World Alternative Media.

Biden ordered the Syrian bombing to retaliate against Iran-backed militias. Meanwhile, he has also placed new sanctions on Russia. This lunatic is pushing for a serious war. The military-industrial complex got rusty — and hungry — after President Donald Trump shut down their globalist misadventures in Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria and elsewhere. Now, they’re clamoring for blood. There’s pillaging to be done! More from Tim Pool.

Biden Pushing For SERIOUS War!

In this video, we break down Biden’s actions on the global stage and how it’s setting up the United States for serious clashes. More from We Are Change.


Uprising Is Imminent

While the government continues its baseless lockdowns and mandates muzzle people worldwide, the level of tolerance is rapidly disappearing. Josh Sigurdson, of World Alternative Media, is reporting that people are waking up in droves and the backlash from the unemployed and impoverished is boiling over. It’s just a matter of time before the people strike back!

You need only look at New York City, where 92 percent of restaurants are facing bankruptcy and are currently unable to pay rent, though the government continues to hammer them with more restrictions, a trend that hasn’t let up since early last year. Meanwhile, in Detroit, countless residents have had enough. Almost 15 percent face homelessness when the moratoriums on rent expire. And north of the border, in Canada, business owners are facing hefty fines as they continue to open against mandates for the sake of feeding their families.

One must ask why people are so quick to stand up against tyranny in Europe, while Americans and Canadians, who like to pretend they’re independent, do almost nothing about the vast level of authoritarianism they’ve faced on a daily basis? Sigurdson gives us some answers and analysis in the following video.

Twitter Is Watching You

Twitter has doubled down on its censorship agenda with the development of a creepy tool called Birdwatch, where users are asked to fact-check posts, stop “misinformation” and essentially rat on people they disagree with. This is nothing more than the social media giant’s way of further appeasing the Leftist mob that has long been dictating policy of absolving itself of all responsibility.

Because Birdwatch hasn’t been released to everyone just yet, there will be a slow rollout of the program as an independent platform outside of Twitter before it is officially implemented. NBC News calls it a crowd-source feature to combat slander and misinformation, similar to the way Wikipedia flags misleading tweets. Yeah, just like these people flagged the horrific Hunter Biden sex tapes, claiming they were debunked … nothing too them. Says World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson, “When they can just call anything debunked and not show why it is debunked even though there’s video, we are in an Orwellian nightmare.”

Tune in to hear Sigurdson talk more about censorship, fake news and the hypocrisy surrounding vaccines and the coronavirus.

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