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Is Civil War Imminent?

The overturn of Roe v. Wade, coupled with supply chain woes, inflation, gas prices and war on guns has sent the mainstream media and Left into a scored-earth frenzy in what appears to be a controlled collapse of society. Josh Sigurdson says the end result of the instability will be civil war! Here’s his report.

The Coming Digital Dictatorship

The Libety Advisor’s Tim Picciott exposes the Great Reset agenda and how it will be rolled out with the Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC).

Appearing at Flote Fest 2022, Picciott says CBDC is a form of digital currency that is also a claim on the Central Bank, but instead of printing money, electronic coins, or accounts, are issued and backed by the government. Here’s his report.

Supply Chain Collapse Deepens

The supply chain collapse across the planet is intensifying, as gas prices skyrocket, more food factories burn to the ground and wheat is all but disappearing.

Josh Sigurdson  says this is nothing more than the sinister agenda of the Great Reset to force people into a digital, world-based, social-credit system, where they own nothing. Mix in forced inflation and we have a full-fledged war on humanity. Here’ his report on World Alternative Media.

Pfizer’s Depopulation Agenda

The release of a new Pfizer document dump, via FOIA, openly admits that almost all women who were vaccinated miscarried their babies and suffered from mild to massive side effects and death. Despite being aware of these effects, Pfizer pushed forward with the mandated jabs for pregnant women. Here’s more from World Alternative Media and host Josh Sigurdson.

The Housing Market Collapse

Josh Sigurdson reports that historic drops in mortgage demand–the lowest in 22 years–coupled with housing-inventory rises for the first time sine 2019, signals the Deep State’s Great Reset is right on course.

“It’s been so manipulated, it’s been so taken over by BlackRock and other similar companies. We’re looking, basically, at a housing Armageddon coming soon,” Sigurdson says. He welcomes The Liberty Advisor’s Tim Picciott to discuss the dire news.

CIA Plotted To Kill Assange

Josh Sigurdson reports that the Spanish court has summoned former CIA chief Mike Pompeo to explain the U.S. government’s plot to assassinate Julian Assange. The distressing news of the plot was first reported by The Guardian in the UK last September.

The court is moving to clarify claims that the CIA sought out ways to kidnap and/or assassinate Julian Assange after he released “Vault 7,” revealing the level of corruption in government. Sigurdson says President Trump had a favorable personal relationship with Assange, while Pompeo and Jeff Sessions both claimed one of their No. 1 priorities was to “get Assange.” Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Evil Bilderberg Meetings

Following a two-year hiatus, the detrimental and evil Bilderberg meetings are underway in Washington, D.C. Josh Sigurdson reports that countless major players in the Great Reset are in attendance, planning humanity’s demise.

Sigurdson gives us a rundown of the evil players who will congregate in D.C., including Pfizer CEO Edward Bourla, Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland and former Reagan Administration Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, among other surprising attendees. The topics include war, technocracy, economy and governance, as well as a post-pandemic world. Here’s his report.

Tax The Unvaccinated

There seemingly is no end to the Deep State’s evil. Josh Sigurdson reports on the latest move by Big Pharma to push legislation that will silence doctors as well as tax the unvaccinated.

Sigurdson says a California bill  has been introduced to stop doctors from giving advice or prescribing anything that the government doesn’t officially support. Doctors will be barred from practicing, even if their patients request a certain treatment. Meanwhile, a Big Pharma-backed proposal to tax the unvaccinated is gaining worldwide traction. Here’s more from Sigurdson on World Alternative Media.

Millions Died From Vaccines

Josh Sigurdson says a report originally published by Global Research last September and covered up by the bad guys has resurfaced with greater impact. It reveals the coordination of the media, the government, Big Pharma and Big Business hiding the effects and massive deaths related to the Covid-19 vaccines.

Sigurdson says this and other studies suggests the vaccine deaths are 10 times more than what the government is claiming and, some say, as much as 100 times more. Here’s Sigurdson’s stunning report.

Mass Die-Off From Vaccines

Josh Sigurdson reports on the mass die-off of those who were vaccinated with the mandated, UK government poison.

The English government tallies shocking statistics of nearly 200,000 people dying in a short period of time from the jab. Meanwhile, more than 500 U.S. military personnel are suing the government for mandating a vaccine that wasn’t even approved by the FDA. Sigurdson fills in the details and more in this edition of World Alternative Media.

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