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Omicron: A Hypnotic Trigger

Mind-control expert James Martinez suggests that Omicron, the name of the new Covid-19 variant, is a trigger word for mass-hypnosis programming. Martinez tells Health Ranger Report (HRR) that, unknown to the public, there is a system installing behavioral modification into children and adults.

Citing the book Operation Mind Control, to which he contributed, Martinez says that during a group discussion, it was revealed that the word Omicron was said to affect some people that had to do with their linkage and associations, with drug smuggling, the Mafia, big business and government leaders. They also said the word Zeta was connected to snuff filming.

“When you’re inserting and mapping a reality into a child or an older person, words take on different meanings,” he says. “You can attach neuro-associative conditioning to that word, put it in the unconscious and let it ferment there. And when it comes time to utilize that word, it comes out as a command. That’s (Omicron) a command, not the name of a virus.” Martinez and HRR’s Mike Adams continue their discussion and also reveal the miraculous properties of cold fusion, a free-energy source that governments refuse to release to the public.

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