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Prepare For A D5 Avalanche!

More Intel! When it comes, it’s coming all at once! WW3 Scare Scenario! Many of the most awake will shyte their pants!

Help will come! We will see 137 militaries from 137 nations! The stress and trauma will rattle many of those injected! Many of the vaxxed will fall!

Does the Draconian Omicron Overlord reside within the Sun? What about the Fallen Angels? More from McAllister TV.

Skeletor: Biden’s Speechwriter

Is Skeletor Joe Biden’s speechwriter?

Razorfist explores that question in a rant he’s calling The Winter of Death, ostensibly about omicron and the latest covid nonsense. But the rant is really about a tone-deaf administration in Washington.

As Razorfist notes, “The Biden administration is to public relations what Alec Baldwin is to trigger discipline.” He also drops another witticism: “Using the federal government to fight a microbe is like getting your tooth drilled with a jackhammer.”

Real Leaders Stepping Up

Real leaders are stepping up to challenge the Covid-19 lies that the Leftists have pushed to keep all of us locked up and enslaved for the past two years. Here, watch powerful video exposure. Will indictments be forthcoming? Hold the line. Pray! More from And We Know.

They Got It Wrong Again

Boys who cried wolf. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

The Omicron Invasion

Renaud Bedard doubles down on the hoax that is the Covid-19 pandemic. “There is no Covid, no Delta variant, no Mu variant, no Beta variant, no Omicron variant, no Omega variant and no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny variant. It’s all BS to make Big Pharmaceutical companies shareholders richer, with stolen taxpayers money,” he says.

He says the Covid mandates are nothing more than recommendations, not law.¬† Government challenges in any court of law would fail, since supplying a single virus specimen isolated in a laboratory would be futile. Here’s more from RenaudBe, and please use your own discernment.

Think George Washington

The [Deep State] is now starting a war on the unvaccinated. Their narrative is falling apart and the only thing left to do is use all available ammunition to push their agenda. The people know their playbook. It’s the same playbook they used in 2020. This push is failing and they know it.

Dan Scavino sends messages. The offensive begins in the New Year. It’s time¬† to take back the country. Think George Washington and John Durham. The people are ready. They have reached the precipices. Change is coming. Justice is coming. More from the X22 Report.


Dark Clouds Are Forming

The [Deep State] is now pushing everything they have. They want the people to suffer during the holiday season. They want shutdowns so people beg. They are desperate and their plan has failed and they know it. All the pieces are in place.

The major offensive will begin soon. This is about taking back the country, but to do this, you need to prep and set everything in place to make the moves you need. Leverage and control are the name of the game. First the bomb must be defused. Then the patriots can proceed forward. History is being made. More from the X22 Report.



The boys who cried wolf. More from Paul Joseph Watson.



The Evil of the Covid-19 Vaccine

Sofia Smallstorm returns to SGT Report to dissect the evil agenda of the mRNA gene therapy, masquerading as a vaccine where the citadel of the cell is hijacked and forced to manufacture weapons of death, as big pharma and the NWO execute a global coup to hijack God’s creation.

Meanwhile, Paul Joseph Watson plays a bearer of good news. Omicron was built up to be a killer, but it barely appears to be sending anyone to the hospital. Yet many people are running scared and cowering in fear. Is this a proportionate response?

No Evidence of Omicron Variant

Dr. Andrew Kaufman, likely one of the loudest, most controversial doctors speaking out against the scam that is the Covid-19 pandemic, tells World Alternative Media there’s absolutely no evidence that the Omicron variant exists.

Furthermore, WAM host Josh Sigurdson and Dr. Kaufman discuss the possibility that there are literally no viruses in existence. Where’s the evidence? Dr. Kaufman is reaching out to doctors and virologists to debate the matter. Here’s more from WAM, including a discussion of the vaccine’s true goal.

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