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Glyphosate In Vaccines!

Natural News’ Mike Adams brings breaking news regarding the discovery of the herbicide glyphosate in Covid vaccines.

Adams, in conjunction with intel from Dr. Judy Mikovits, says the resulting concentration of glyphosate in your blood causes more mRNA fragments to penetrate the outer walls and nuclei of your cells, which can cause genetic chromosomal changes to your genetic code–transhumanism, in effect. Here’s his report.

Red States To The Rescue

Mike Adams says there’s no way the corrupt Democrats will shove their federal gun laws through the Senate. Why? Because these gun-control pushers will not get through the Senate Republican filibuster, since 60 votes are needed to pass the legislation. But even if the Democrats did succeed to pass their agenda, Adams says, the states would pass gun-sanctuary laws.

Furthermore, says Adams, any threat by the Dems to end the filibuster is out the window, too. “They’re not going to do it, because they’re about to lose the Senate and the House, and in 2024 they’re going to lose the White House. So, without the filibuster, the Republicans would bulldoze through all the BS laws that the Democrats have put in place all these years.” More from Natural News.

Vaccines = King Cobra Venom

Corona virus actually means “king venom.” And as Dr. Bryan Ardis explains, citing scores of documents and experimental research, it’s actually King Cobra venom. Remdesivir is primarily freeze-dried King Cobra snake venom.

Those who have been vaccinated around the world have been hoodwinked and deceived by the Big Pharma companies. Here, learn about Dr. Ardis’ analysis, outlined by Mike Adams on the Health Ranger Report.


Poison In The Water Systems

Mike Adams, of Health Ranger Report, is warming that municipal water systems may well be a distribution vector for pandemic toxins. Adams says recent interviews with sources have convinced him that water is a vector for the specific kind of poison that was used to create Covid 19.

“It was dumped into the water supply in New York City to create the first outbreak in order to cause a mass panic and force everyone to take vaccines,” Adams says. He explains further in this shocking report.

The Starvation Matrix Decoded

Natural News’ Mike Adams posits the morbid question: Will people die via vaccines before they starve to death due to lack of fertilizer, or do they live long enough to suffer famine and starvation?

In today’s situation update from the Health Ranger Report, Adams dissects critical information about hydrocarbons, CO2, fertilizer, crop yields, economic sanctions and the coming global starvation that has already been set into motion. Here’s his report, which includes the three equations you’ll need to understand in order to decode what’s happening.

World War III Begins?

Elections have consequences and the criminals who stole the 2020 Presidential election have now achieved what they wanted–war with Russia. That’s the terse assessment from Natural News’ Mike Adams, who says this is the beginning of World War III.

Adams reports that Russia has launched a series of precision strikes against Ukraine’s defense infrastructure and, he says, rumors abound of amphibious assaults in the Odesa region. He adds that the conflict will certainly inflict economic hell for all Americans. Here’s more analysis from Adams, who also weighs in on Canada lifting the Emergency Powers Act.

Canada’s Financial Terrorism

The Freedom Convoy’s approach to peaceful protesting is gaining steam worldwide and the corrupt, tyrannical governments are losing their minds.

Health Ranger Reports Mike Adams says, “Remember, above all, the governments are the terrorists. The governments are the ones who lock you down and destroy your businesses and mental health. The governments of the world are the murderers, and the insurrectionists and enemy occupiers.” Adams singles out Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is now looking to shut down bank accounts, Pay Pal and other financial means in the country. Here’s his report.

How Far Will Vax Tyranny Go?

How far will the globalists carry out their vaccine tyranny? Will we see forced jabs at gunpoint? Will the unvaccinated be imprisoned in death camps and labeled health risks? Health Ranger Report’s Mike Adams explores the evil options of the Deep State.

Arizona Audit Probe Stalled

Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers joins the Health Ranger Report and Mike Adams for an update on what she calls a “2.1 million-ballot, deep-dive, cyber forensic audit,” which she says is stalled in the Attorney General’s office.

Rogers pointed out that the “big reveal” during a hearing on the floor of the State Senate last September, disclosed there was corruption and inconsistencies in the voter count that totaled tens of thousands of ballots. She says the data was turned over to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who launched an investigation. Sadly, the probe is still pending after more than two months. Here’s Rogers with more details.

Dollar Collapse, Aliens In ’22

Natural News’ Mike Adams says America will witness the hardening of the resistance in 2022, which will trigger some major events. He says these aren’t official predictions, but things that could happen.

At the top of the list, Adams says, is the probable collapse of the dollar, an engineered attempt at a global currency reset that will wake up a lot of Americans to honest money and the shenanigans of the central banks. Also on the horizon is the cosmic false flag, or faux alien invasion. Adams says NASA has already hired several religious leaders to deal with the public’s reaction.

Adams also posits that there could be an actual NASA reveal of real alien contact and the secrets of Mars and other planets. Check out more revelations with Adams in this edition of the Health Ranger Report.


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