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Gene Decode: Russia Foiled Plan

Gene Decode says Russia clandestinely moved 150,000 troops into Ukraine, not the lesser number reported by most media outlets, to quash a Deep State false flag in eastern Ukraine. He says the bad guys then planned to blame it on the Russians, so Putin had every right to control the situation.

Decode says the Deep State’s rationale was obvious–protect their web of corruption. “Everyone knows about Hunter and Smokey Joe and all their family, the Bush regime and Obama and all of that regarding Ukraine, which is their lynchpin for bringing in all kinds of terrorism, assets, weapons, children and drugs in and out of Russia and throughout the entire Europe area,” he says.

Decode brings us more details on Ukraine, weighs in on the Canadian truckers and explains the Deep State’s Covidian Cult System to depopulate the planet in this episode of The Truth Seeker, with host Patriot Dave.

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