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If you really want to understand the Ukraine War, you need to understand the Khazarians. Who are they? A tribe connected with Genghis Khan that came to inhabit a wide swathe of central Asia stretching from Turkey into Ukraine and on to the western fringes of China.

The Khazarians adopted Judaism, but are not descended from the Jews who lived in Judah and Israel. The Khazarians became Jewish so they would not be forced by the Turks to adopt Islam or forced by the Russians to become Eastern Orthodox Christians.

Neighbors branded the Khazarians as “name stealers” because they would prey upon travelers, boozing them up and killing them, while adopting their names. Thus, if the travelers were traders, the Khazarians could go to the east or to the west, stealing from even more people, unsing the assumed names of those who already been murdered.

Here, Clif High explains the Ukraine War as an offshoot of this history. We have seen Putin invade Ukraine to take out the illicit biological labs. Next, we will see China invade Taiwan to do likewise. Is this meant to precipitate World War III? Nope, says High.

But the Russians as well as the Chinese do not want to face biological warfare emanating from these labs. High notes how Bill Gates has already warned that the coronavirus could be followed by something more deadly, perhaps “weaponized smallpox that’s genetically keyed.”

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