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Esoteric Secrets, Gnostic Baptists

John the Baptist is a Biblical figure that is highly revered in certain religious sects. While he is considered a prophet in Christianity, Islam, the Baha’i Faith, and Mandaeism, he holds special significance in esoteric gnostic organizations. The Kabbalah is the ancient tradition of mystical interpretation of the Bible, first transmitted orally. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.


Jinns And Bodily Possession

Jinn (genie) are supernatural creatures in early pre-Islamic Arabian and later Islamic mythology and theology that are not a strictly Islamic concept. They may represent several pagan beliefs integrated into Islam. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.


Islamic Jesus

Jesus as portrayed in the Islamic religious tome the Koran is far different than the Jesus seen in the Christian teachings of The Bible. What, exactly, are the differences? How did they originate? Which version stands out for being more trustworthy? Black Pigeon Speaks delves into this theological mystery.

Goddess And The Black Cube

In Theosophy, the Earth goddess is called the “Planetary Logos of Earth”. She is sometimes identified as a Triple Goddess, who takes the form of Maiden, Mother, and Crone archetypes. She is described as Mother Earth, Mother Nature, associated with the full Moon, Venus, the Earth, and the Sea. Cult of Saturn and the Star of the Sun

Sometimes called Gaia, Carl Jung suggested that the archetypal mother was a part of the collective unconscious of all humans, and a doorway to the unseen. The Upper Paleolithic Venus figurines have been sometimes explained as depictions of an Earth Goddess and in Norse mythology, Frigg or Freya is described as the wife of the god Odin, and where we get the name for Friday from.

The Kaaba, or the Big Muslim Cube, is a building at the center of Islam’s most important mosque, Great Mosque of Mecca. The Black Stone of Mecca, or Kaaba Stone, is a Muslim relic, which according to Islamic tradition dates back to the time of Adam and Eve, and that the Stone was allegedly found by Abraham and his son Ishmael. More from Robert Sepehr, anthropologist and author.

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Islam Is Right About Women

Why “Islam is right about women” is causing confusion and anger. More from BlackPigeonSpeaks.


White Berbers and the Moors

The people known as Moors today are an offshoot of the Berber people, a native population of north Africa, especially around the Atlas mountains. When Arabs conquered North Africa in the 7th and 8th centuries, one of the first people to convert were the white Berbers, who helped the Arabs in their spread of Islam, conquering the Iberian Peninsula, Southern France and Italy and the island of Sicily. More from Robert Sepehr, anthropologist and author.

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Starbucks Marxists Don’t Get It

Western liberals, the Starbucks Marxists, don’t and won’t understand hard-line Islam. It’s the same as trying to convince a fire and brimstone Baptist to adopt a doctrine of saved by grace. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

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The Gift Of Doggies

Wild Bill for America turns his thoughts to a more domestic nature, wondering why Islam and some people could actually hate and abuse dogs. After all, aren’t they man’s best friend? “I truly believe that dogs are truly God’s four-legged goodwill ambassadors,” he says.

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Liberals Running Amok

Joe Dan Gorman is on the rampage against liberals. It’s an unenviable position, but thank goodness Joe Dan has his foot firmly planted on the gas pedal. “Liberals would rather make up threats for political gain, like man-made climate change and transgender bathrooms than deal with the serious ones like Islam, or economic collapse or tyranny,” he says. Gorman contends that liberal/socialist policies do nothing more than wreck economies and suffocate business. Tune in as Gorman explains in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

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Assassination in Tunisia

Thousands of angry protesters took to the street of the Tunisian city of Sidi Bouzid after leading opposition politician Mohamed Brahmi was assassinated in the capital Tunis. Brahmi was shot dead outside his home in Tunis on Thursday in the second such assassination this year, setting off violent protests against the Islamist-led government in the capital and elsewhere.

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