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Why The Jews Are Hated

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Andrew Klavan about his new book The House of Love and Death. Klavan is a prolific writer and hosts The Andrew Klavan Show on The Daily Wire.

Here, Klavan discusses how reading fiction can help you understand the world better; why we are at a major crossroads in our culture; how we learned the wrong lessons from World War II and the Holocaust; and the real reason that groups over time have hated the Jews.

Klavan also gets into his Jewish background and his conversion to Christianity, and much more.

Holy Balls, Man!

Elon Musk drops a 10-pound expletive after The New York Times dances around, trying to imply he has engaged in anti-Semitism. Wrong, leftists!

Musk just visited Israel and has made clear he’s not anti-Semitic. He’s against pedophiles == doesn’t matter if they are Jewish, Christian, Muslim or, more likely, Satanists and atheists! Here’s more from Meme the Left.

Here is a list of major companies that have pulled their ads from X. Boycott every one of these dirty outfits. They not only pushed Anthony Fauci’s deadly vaccines, but representatives from many of these firms hung around with Jeffrey Epstein, so they most certainly indulged in pedophilia.

Do not watch their TV shows or their feature films. As for the Washington Post, disregard anything they say. They don’t honestly report the news. They are little more than a mouthpiece for the Satanic elites:

– Apple
– Disney
– Washington Post
– Paramount
– Marvel
– Sony Pictures
– The Colbert Show
– Comcast
– Lionsgate
– Warner Bros. Discovery

Oy Vey, Shut It Down

The Foundring delivers the greatest — and likely one of the most censored — ballads of the century.

El Merda Divina

Clif High dishes “the divine shit.” As he says, “They be flinging it!”

Everybody will soon know Joe Biden cheated and that’s the only reason he got elevated to serve in the White House. He most certainly wasn’t elected to the office of the Presidency.

After dealing with the hypernovelty, even the leftists and the normies will come to realize just how rotten the Democratic leadership has been. Not only Joe Biden, but Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton…they’re all hot-flaming crooks, doing the bidding of the World Economic Forum. They are a collective criminal gang. There’s nothing stately or honorable about any of them.

Here, High not only discusses politics, but also gets into the shocks that lie ahead for the Abrahamic religions — Judaism, Islam and Christianity — as believers learn about the Elohim and how UFOs factor into the origins of all of these Earthly religions.

Conjurors Of Reality

Talking heads conjure up ideas. Who funds them? Is a cult involved? I look at a study about the power of suggestion. Here’s more from Amazing Polly.

We Aren’t Taught About Zionism

Here is an overview of what is not taught in government, schools or churches about Zionism. Really Graceful has the details.

Star of David: Moloch Worship?

The Israeli flag depicts the Star of David as its crowning motif. Yet authorities on ancient Judaism can find no evidence that David had such a symbol in the shape of a hexagon, featuring a compound of two equilateral triangles.

How did the symbol arise? We must turn to the Free Masons, who championed this symbol. Many now believe it’s a symbol of devil worship, embodying elements of the cannibalistic god Baal, also known as Moloch or Remphan.

Says Jim Crenshaw, who is circulating this video, “You people all beating your chests and cheering on the Zionist devil worshipers need to figure some things out. If you can handle the truth. David never had a star.”

Magicians Of The Temple

The Knights Templar were a religious military order that were established during the time of the Crusades and said to have attained esoteric alchemical knowledge during their time in Jerusalem. What were their true origins and relationship to the Temple in the Holy land form which their name was derived? What were their occult beliefs and what was their impact on secret societies that allegedly succeeded them?

Rex Deus (Latin: “God Kings”) are a group of European aristocratic families allegedly descended from the family lines of the 24 High Priests of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. Here’s more from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

The Wind Cries Mary

Nobody tells the truth about the Jewish Globalist Communist Satanic cabal more often or better than Brother Nathaniel. He is racially Jewish and was raised in the Judaism religion up until his Great Awakening, and now he does everything he can to help the world Awaken to the evil Jewish Cabal. Nobody can call him Anti-Semite or Racist because he is JEWISH!!! Here’s more from Brother Nathaniel.

Hitler, Holocaust, The Holy Land

Here’s a Christmas gift to us from Sir Patrick Mack at In Pursuit of Truth. His new Pop video, Episode V Acts III and IV, is entitled Hitler, Holocaust and The Holy Land. 

Sir Patrick Mack opens with the closing days of World War II, the Allied bombing attacks over Germany.  Learn how the Allied and Communist fighting the Nazis weren’t heroes, but rapists and cold-blooded murderers, who even butchered children and zoo animals. We also see the machinations among political leaders — Franklin Delano Roosevelt of the United States, Winston Churchill of Great Britain and Josef Stalin of Russia — to divide the lands and regions formerly within the Nazi sphere.

Among the many controversial positions: Has the Holocaust against the Jews has been fabricated and blown out of proportion? Was the concentration camp at Auschwitz a sordid death camp, or was it actually quite different, and much more amendable, involving even bordellos for inmates?

This video isn’t restricted to World War II. Sir Patrick Mack also gets into the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, the establishment of Israel, and even Jewish mysticism embodied in the Talmud and Kabbalah. There are also sinister hints of deeper, darker rituals, touching upon Moloch and child sacrifice. Buckle up. This is an in-depth work — nearly two hours — but quite riveting and revealing, as all of Sir Patrick’s works always have been.


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