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The State Of The Embarrassment

Joe Biden appears before a joint session of the U.S. Congress in an annual tradition — The State Of The Embarrassment. The question remains: Can he read what’s on the balloon? More from The United Spot.

Blown Up: Chinese Spy Balloon

The Biden Administration finally decided to destroy the Chinese spy balloon. China responds with anger and indignation. The White House and the Media say the Trump administration had prior balloon encounters and Mike Pompeo and John Ratcliffe responded.

U.S. Department of State Spokesperson Ned Price takes questions from the international press about the U.S. actions against the Chinese spy balloon. Did the US overreact and how does this impact US-China relations?

Karine Jean-Pierre takes questions from the press on the Chinese Spy Balloon and explains the decision-making timeline. Biden reminds us he ordered it on Wednesday — Dd he? The media wonders how damage has been done to the U.S.-China relationship. Did Trump really not know about prior balloon incursions?

Republican Senators fume at Biden’s incompetence in eliminating the Chinese Balloon. Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton and Rand Paul all weigh-in while the Capitol is secured for Biden’s State of the Union speech. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire, on Watching The Watchers.

What Happened In China?

China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell says something major is currently going down in China, which YouTube is attempting to censor. He says it revolves around mass protests in China last weekend, when protestors called for Xi Jinping and members of the Chinese Communist Party to step down.

Chappell says that a full episode on China Uncensored covering the demonstration appeared on the channel earlier this week, but it was age-restricted by YouTube. “What that means is that YouTube will bury the episode so that no one sees it,” he says. “The point is, intentionally or not, YouTube is helping the Chinese Communist Party cover up their crimes.” Here’s more.

WTF?! Mass Protests In China

There are mass protests occurring across China over you know what… Everything is fine! More from Awaken with JP on We Lie To You News!

Protests Erupt In China!

Chris Chappell reports that an already unpopular Covid lockdown turned deadly when a building caught fire in the Xinjiang capital of Urumqi. The fire quickly became a rallying cry for protests, which had already started to foment.

In this episode of China Uncensored, Chappell looks at what protesters are demanding, the scale of the protests and how authorities are responding.

Revolution Spreads Across China

It’s being called the White Paper Revolution and it’s now spreading across Communist China. The protests against the government of Xi Jinping are the biggest China has seen since the 1989 Tiananmen Square uprising that led to a massacre of civilians by the Chinese military.

Why has it been named the White Paper Revolution? Because strict laws forbid any outright protests, so the demonstrators hold up blank sheets of paper that have no writing on them whatsoever.

The protesters are angry over rigid covid mandates, especially after a fire tore through an apartment complex in Urumqi, a remote city in China’s Xinjiang region. Urumqi residents suffering under a covid quarantine had been locked inside the complex and many burned to death, including a three-year-old child. The tragedy has brought citizens to the streets to call for Jinping’s resignation and an end to the lockdowns. Here, Steve Turley explains the growing crisis.

This isn’t just about COVID, Glenn Beck says. In fact, the protests currently spreading throughout China are about something much, much more serious: Slavery and control. In this clip, Glenn dives into the real motivation behind the protests. He explains why they’re different from the 1989 ones at Tiananmen Square, and he predicts how these events could play out in our near future…


Chinese Police In America

Chinese police stations have been cropping up all over the world, and doing so without the permission of the host country.

China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell reports that Safeguard Defenders, a  human rights organization, uncovered 53 police stations in 30 countries. Here’s more.

Militarizing The South China Sea

Despite Xi Jinping’s pledge to the United States that China would not militarize the South China Sea, new evidence has surfaced showing aggressive movement to the contrary.

China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell reports that China continues to ramp up its military presence on many islands across the South China Sea, loading up with planes, guns and other weapons. Chappell brings the proof of the aggression and how the CCP might use these bases.

Juan O. Savin: Last Chess Moves

Juan O. Savin tells David “Nino” Rodriguez the chess game that is the Great Awakening is intensifying. Both sides are waiting for the other to make a mistake. Every move from here on out is critical.

Savin says the sinister globalists continue to plan mayhem. They want civil war, they want financial collapse, so that their crimes disappear in the maelstrom. But the Alliance is up to the task. Their counter moves are in place and they now control security at Cheyenne Mountain with the Space Force. Savin explains, plus offers more significant intel.

Is Xi Jinping The Next Mao?

As Xi Jinping nears his third term as general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, many wonder if he is becoming the next Mao Zedong.

China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell reports that no Chinese leader has secured more than two terms in office since Mao’s reign. Chappell dissects Mao’s legacy, whether Xi is on the same path and what this means for the CCP.

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