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Bringing Down The Cabal

Author Brent Johnson from FREEDOMRADIO.US returns to SGT Report to discuss the incredible events that are now taking place globally. The cabal is faced with a Great Awakening that is very real. Their time to implement the Satanic New World Order is running out.

Has Xi Jinping, the ruler of Communist China, been arrested? Jordan Sather addresses rumors suggesting as much. Also in this edition of The Sather Scoop, Joe Biden can’t stop talking about his attraction to minors. Is he a pedophile or just a crazy old man? A couple of oil refineries have been destroyed in major fires. And the situation in Iran keeps getting more bizarre.

Putin-Xi’s New Currency

Clayton Morris reports that while the rest of the world is distracted by the death of Queen Elizabeth and a failing Western country, a new world order is rising.

He says that for the for the first time since the war in Ukraine started, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are meeting to advance a new international currency based on their countries’ commodities and resources–an absolutely world changing moment. Morris brings some context to the issue and more details.

Did Xi Survive?

Did Xi Jinping survive a recent secret Chinese Communist Party meeting? That’s the question China watchers are asking as Xi tries to cement his rule at next month’s Party Congress.

In this episode of China Uncensored, Chris Chappell looks at the secretive CCP retreat at Beidaihe, how state media is portraying Xi  and whether it means he’s going to be “presitator” for life.

How Could He Do This?

Joe Biden approaches Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping, seeing how much it would cost to buy freesom for him and Hunter Biden. More from The United Spot.

Birth Of A New World Currency

It’s official! Russia and China announced they are developing a new world currency, as globalists shift into the Great Reset. Josh Sigurdson reports the new reserve currency will be created through BRICS, sidestepping the IMF.

Sigurdson says though Putin has recently been characterized as anti-establishment, the truth is, he works with the World Economic Forum and his most trusted allies are Israel and China. Sigurdson explains further in this segment of World Alternative Media.

Dictator Envy

World leaders talk about their admiration for dictatorships, but historian Johan Norberg says it’s a  utopian dream. “They think: “if someone at the top could point us in a certain direction, everything would go well.”

Norberg tells John Stossel that government, in fact, is big enough to give you anything and also big enough to take everything away from you. Here’s more.

Has China Made Alien Contact?

Chris Chappell reports that China’s Sky Eye satellite, the largest in the world, may have found several cases of technological traces and extraterrestrial civilizations outside of Earth.

A prominent Chinese cosmologist cautioned that the signal may have resulted from some kind of radio interference and needs to be confirmed and ruled out. Here’s more on the story from Chappell, plus a look into how the Biden Administration fundamentally doesn’t understand China.

Trump Got The Ball Rolling

Bix Weir from Road to Roota is today’s guest on the X22 Report Spotlight. Weir begins the conversation talking about bitcoin, gold, silver and the markets. We are now entering a transition phase of the economy. The old [Central Bankers] system is being destroyed, and the good guys will be instituting a new system.

Trump got the ball rolling, Putin was next and now Xi will finish it. The destruction of the [Deep State] is happening and the world leaders are in line and helping Trump.

Real-Life Supervillians

PragueU’s Amala Ekpunobi and Taylor Trandahl give their take on the real-life supervillains, aka the World Economic Forum (WEC), Klaus Schwab, the corporations and, of course, The Great Reset. They lay out the facts, what the WEC stands for and let you decide whether it is a force for good or evil in the world.

CCP Betrays Xi Jinping

China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell reports that factions within the Chinese Communist Party are openly blocking Xi Jinping from cementing his third term in office. Leaks by anonymous Chinese officials to Western media paint an embattled leader losing power. But is he? Here’s more with Chappell.

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