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TikTok Frauds Strike Again

If you need any proof that modern-day journalists have lost their bearings, you need look no further than Taylor Lorenz of The Washington Post. Here’s a so-called journalist who takes it upon herself to blackmail and expose her seeming competition. Specifically, she’s guilty of doxxing the anonymous conservative who ran  @LibsofTikTok.

Glenn Greenwald says this latest dustup shows how insecure these corporate journalists truly are. And also how twisted their values.

They loudly proclaim they are supporting freedom of the press, yet they ignore exposing the abuses of our government or our wealthy elite or even heinous pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein. These are not genuine journalists, just Leftist frauds and thugs. Taylor Lorenz ought to be pilloried in a public square.

Mark Dice has more to say about Taylor Lorenz, the Scum of the Earth. Because of this Leftist douchebag, the @LibsofTikTok account has not only been doxxed, but now banned from Twitter. Dice says the best account on the entire platform might now be history.

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