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Ryushin Malone: NASA A Farce

Ryushin Malone, host of The Orion Lines, says NASA’s statement that it was going to begin researching UFOs later this year is BS! “NASA was created to deceive the public, to divert attention away from UFOs,” he says.

Malone says not only are UFOs real and visits from alien civilizations happening, there also has been a U.S. Space Force all along, harnessing anti-gravity technology since the 1950s. “To think that nothing has been built for 70 years is ridiculous,” he says. Here’s his report, which includes some shocking alien revelatons.

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2 thoughts on “Ryushin Malone: NASA A Farce

  1. I just got word from a Linda Paris video you were here – I am glad and grateful you are ok and still fighting the good fight. I would enjoy a phone interview with you sometime to discuss the hardcore truth you and I want so much for the masses to finally be told the truth about. From adrenochrome planets to AQERTS soul stealing devices used to keep them artificially populated. To your amazing discovery about The (notthenazcalines) ORION LINES . Every deep dark crevice and hole evil has constructed must be exposed and eliminated. I hope to hear from you soon my fellow ISBE. It is good to hear you and see you. -CosmicGuy from OSTO

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