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Who Are The Grey Ebens?

Who are the Ebens? The term is shorthand for “Extraterrestrial Biological Entities.” The term made its first appearance in a report prepared in conjunction with a 1949 UFO crash site in New Mexico.

Here, UFOlogist  Linda Moulton Howe gives us an inkling of these bug-eyed creatures based on her many years of researching them, primarily in New Mexico, where cattle mutilations have been tied to appearances by extraterrestrials.

Howe also discusses her work with the late Leonard Stringfield, a Cincinnati man who served as director of Civilian Research, Interplanetary Flying Objects or CRIFO.

Needless to say, federal authorities have adamantly denied the veracity of Howe and Stringfield’s theories. But these same federal authorities have skirted the task of explaining UFO sightings, let alone outlining what has led to outbreaks of cattle mutilations. So the truth remains subject to interpretation. More from Zohar StarGate.


Was Earth Ruled By Aliens?

Researcher, author and journalist Linda Moulton Howe describes the strange phenomena of animal mutilations and technologically advanced underground bases in association with extraterrestrials. Linda lifts the lid on a number of suspected secrets in regards various extraterrestrial races. She describes two types of E.T.’s that she believes ruled our planet.

The Path Of The Skinwalker

Skinwalker Ranch: A place that was described by the Apache, Navajo and other Native American tribes in the area as forbidden because it was…”in the PATH of the ‘Skinwalker’.”

Practically every paranormal activity you can imagine has taken place here in this spot. Is it ONE malevolent entity, or is there a portal to many different dimensions located somewhere on this 500 acres of land, located east of Salt Lake City in Utah’s Uintah County, along the border with Colorado?

Hear stories about crytids, UFOs, cattle mutilations, poltergeists, wormholes and more from McAllister TV and TRUreporting in a new episode of Beyond the Headlines.

The Aliens Walk Among Us

The former head of Israel’s security space program, Haim Eshed, says outer space aliens exist and live among us here on Earth, but they do not wish to be identified as of yet. He told an Israeli publication, “The aliens have asked not to announce that they are here, humanity is not ready yet.” Luke Rudowski from We Are Change wonders aloud if President Donald Trump might be preparing to disclose this earth-shaking news.

Speculation among UFO buffs has long centered on a population of aliens — the Greys — who made a pact with the U.S. military to exchange advanced space technologies and inventions in return for access to cattle — and humans — for genetic experiments. The onetime rash of cattle mutilations across Western states was tied to this speculation.



Behind The Dulce Mutilations

Rex Bear, from the Leak Project, appears on The Edge of Wonder to discuss topics including Sumerian tablets, the Skinwalker Ranch, underground bases, aliens and Annunaki history and much more.

Bear lives in southern Colorado close to Dulce, New Mexico, a well-known center for cattle mutilations. He wonders if our own government is behind the mutilations to test the impact of radioactive fallout from Project Gasbuggy. That was an underground nuclear test blast that occurred on Dec. 10, 1967 as part of the US Atomic Energy Commission’s Operation Plowshare. This blast occurred in the Carson National Forest, about 21 miles southwest of Dulce.

He also touches upon the Skinwalker Ranch, sometimes known as the Sherman Ranch. This property occupies about 512 acres southeast of Ballard, Utah. It’s reputed to be the site of paranormal and UFO-related activities. Its name is taken from the skinwalker of Navajo legend concerning malevolent witches.

This will be a two-part video. Here is the opening segment. The second part will only be available to subscribers of EdgeofWonder.TV.

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The [Deep State]/Democrats/Mainstream Media are now lashing out, screaming on social media. They know what is coming. They tried to push a Russian hoax today but it failed within 24 hours. The storm is here. Prepare. It’s time to bring down the corrupt system. We are ready. We have more than we know. Tick tock. Time is up. More from the X22 Report.

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Black Conservative Patriot discusses Trump’s plan to end the Fed and put us on a gold standard. Can he overcome the resistance? Also in this edition: Federal judges, mostly Obama appointees, oppose Attorney General William Barr.

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Underground War In Progress

Here is an update on DUMBs — otherwise known as Deep Underground Military Bases. The public knows about a few of these bases, for instance, the Cheyenne Mountain Complex near Colorado Springs in Colorado.

But there are many of these dark sites around the nation, bases that have gone undetected and unknown to the public. Some are small and compact, while others as large as cities, full of subterranean shafts and underground chambers.

In the worst of these bases, trafficked children have been kept and tortured, not only subjected to sexual abuse but often killed, even eaten by fiends. Now, the U.S. Marines and Army have been “cleaning out” these operations, spending more than $500 million to venture underground to destroy the DUMBs, rescue any captive children and return the rule of law across America.

Here’s a an update on these bases, and new units like the U.S. Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group, along with Gene Decode and Rick Rene from B2T, or Blessed To Teach.

Here is a documentary describing the DUMBs program with an extensive interview with Linda Moulton Howe. She is an Albuquerque-based investigative journalist, well known for her research into cattle mutilations, conspiracy theories, UFOs and the DUMBs, including Dulce in New Mexico.

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In the modern battlefield, troops might have to fight an enemy in the vast subways and water systems underneath huge cities, or in the pitch-black tunnels guarding the North Korean defensive line. A new U.S. Army program aims to get them ready. From the Military Times.

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