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They Can’t Hide Everything

Riss Flex digs into a couple of stories that didn’t get their just due on the mainstream airwaves, much less any in-depth coverage.

Flex says it turns out that retired cop Aaron Salter Jr., who was one of 10 victims in the Buffalo supermarket shooting, had patented a water-based system to power automobiles. The invention drew immediate interest from the Pentagon, Flex says. “Technology has been suppressed for a very long time … and it just makes you wonder why anything isn’t being powered from water, something we already have at our house. It’s because you can’t profit from it, plain and simple.”

Flex explains further, plus brings us more weird news of the day, including a new end-of-times prediction and the mysterious drowning death of model Ashley Hayes, who was linked to Mark Middleton, the former advisor and confidant of the Clintons who was recently found shot to death and hanged.

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