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The Occult Royal Families

What is behind the occult rituals of the royal families? What is meant by blue blood? What are the origins of the divine right to rule?

Is there a Nazi connection to the House of Windsor? Was the Queen really a reptilian alien? Do the royal families perform satanic and sacrificial rituals? Here we go…More from Fearless Nation.

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2 thoughts on “The Occult Royal Families

  1. It seems like this genre of learning is aimed at destroying Christianity which is exactly what the New World Order wants to do.

    • Learning that involves genuine truth will not damage Christianity, but strengthen it. We’re not going to argue, though, that the scenarios outlined in “The Occult Royal Families” are absolutely and positively provable.

      We don’t know the facts yet. So it’s best to view this video as exploratory, perhaps later to be proven truthful, or to be a mix of truth and mirage. Until we know more, it’s premature to make a concrete judgment.

      So you have valid reasons to remain skeptical. Hopefully, more revelations will come as we move forward.

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