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Vampires Who Prey Upon Kids

Max Spiers on Josef Mengele! Vats of children! These vampires are using children for nourishment! They are parasites and cannibals! Code Word Hillbilly art shows Adrenochrome harvesting! Satanic Reptilian rituals! To have real power, you have to remain unseen Laura’s View and Tarot Too! Fauci=Faustino? More from McAllister TV.

Up Next: Televised Executions!

All “House arrests” will be a live tribunal with swift executions — all televised! Two shots to the head! Video will be shown of tunnels full of kids! Morphing and shape-shifting will give some heart attacks!

Ten-day lockdown! Humanity has been enslaved for 6,000 years! More intel from Christian 21!

Gene Decode: Our Alien Presence

Gene Decode joins The Galactic Talk podcast for an intel update on negative alien species that once–and still do–inhabit Earth. He also reveals the discovery of files in the archives of late UFO researcher Kathy Kasten, who wrote about the recovery of strange Ant people bodies, found at a Lincoln County, New Mexico, ranch, near Roswell in July 1947.

Decode also discusses the mysterious earthquakes gripping the planet, touches on vaccine passports and the war between light and dark, and more. Here’s the report.

Bogdanoff Reptilian Assassins!

Future Proves Past! Q Decode! What is a plant? Who was surprised? Who will be surprised? Optics are important! Are the Bogdanoff Twins, Grichka and Igor, Reptilian assassins? Trust the Plant! More from McAllister TV.

Obama FEMA Camp Guillotines

J. Reid shares a wide range of intel from his source, Shooter, including a stunning revelation about the Obama Administration’s sinister FEMA camps.

Reid reports the camps, which were dissected into 10 sections and set up for the Cabal, circumventing the Constitution. Shockingly, the Obama Administration ordered guillotines for the camps to supposedly deal with us, Reid says. “If you spoke out about corruption, the Deep State, any of this shit, even spoke out, they were going to take us to these frickin FEMA camps and cut our heads off.”

He also brings us intel on how special forces whisked Jeffrey Epstein out of the Manhattan jail complex, using a fake body bag to distract onlookers and updates reports on the Reptilians among us, whose numbers have dwindled, plus more. Please do your own research and judge the material for yourself.


Chelsea Clinton Robo-Witch!

The 3rd Reich Reptilian Alliance! U.S. Navy spies! Chelsea Clinton’s witches brew! Watch the water! Tarot by Janine! Nuremberg Robotoids! 100th Monkey Syndrome! More from McAllister TV.

Watch The Water!

Zombie clones set to take over humanity! Bill Cooper! AI threats! Area 51! Reptilians! Hybrids! AI clones, or organic robotoids, that cannot be destroyed! More from McAllister TV.

Area 51/Dulce. Ex-Sniper Talks About Greys, Reptilians, Clones, Demons, Holograms and the secret earthquake machine!! There is Area 49, 50, 51 and 60..below 3 floors down Only ETS and high-clearance humans are allowed. S 4 and Groom Lake are part of area 51. More from bluewater.

Earth Is Their Slaughterhouse

Intel, Part 2! Deciphering the Trump rally in Anchorage, Alaska! Trump, Diana, JFK Jr. and wife! Everyone humanity thinks is alive are dead. And everyone humanity thinks are dead are alive! Free energy waiting in the wings! Plasma holographs! Oval, disk-shaped Earth! North, if you fly into the north pole, you’ll come out in Antarctica and vice versa! Earth is their slaughterhouse! More from McAllister TV.

Nancy Pelosi’s Possession Tape!

Did Nancy Pelosi call into the Art Bell Show in 1996 to ask Malachi Martin how to get rid of demonic possession? Christian 21! Bluewater Channel! Failed Reptoid takeover! Cloned meat suits! Every designer clothing brand is named after a high Satanic priest! More from McAllister TV.

Hollywood Under White Hats?

Is Hollywood under White Hat control? Tarot by Janine believes that’s the case, and now McAllister TV suggests it’s likely as well. We are already starting to see celeb vax reactions! What’s the story behind Justin Bieber’s facial distortions? What about Mick Jagger canceling a Rolling Stones concert in Amsterdam, citing a bout with Covid?

Otherwise, in this episode, McAllister TV touches upon the code word “Hillbilly?” The AI threat has been with us for decades! Jonathan Winters on the Last Day on Earth! Deplorable Deb (from St. Petersburg, Florida) reports from the Basket of Deplorables! Also we get new updates from Bluewater and a shapeshifting reptiles from Pfizer!

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