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Cabal Creator Goes Missing

Janet Ossebaard, the Dutch woman who co-created The Fall of The Cabal documentary, has gone missing. Her Cabal partner, Cyntha Koeter, says Ossebaard has been missing for more than two weeks.

She took nothing from her home when she left and it’s feared she might have taken her own life. As an alternative, she could have gone into hiding, fearing reprisals from the members of the Illuminati whom she so deftly singled out.

We ran every video in this series as they were released, but in case you missed the originals, here are the first 10 episodes, all assembled together. All have been deleted, buried and censored by the fascists who run YouTube, but these powerful programs can still be found on Bitchute, Rumble and other social media platforms that continue to protect freedom of speech and freedom of press, and to look out for the well-being of the people. This compilation was put together by RenaudBe.

Janet Ossebaard

Jesuit Oath of Death!

What actually happened on January 5th? Were they all arrested the next day?

The Jesuit oath to murder and destroy all whom they deem as “heretics”! Obama’s Reptilian security guy!

Stewart Swerdlow on Draco Androgyny and the finality of their DNA! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

Hillary And Tom Hanks’ Shoes

January 6th…What was really going on? Hillary’s shoe and Tom Hanks’ shoes! Hanks is a Rockefeller assassin!

Lin Wood and Mike Pence! Potus discovery! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

Reptilians Control The World

Reptilians dominate politics worldwide. All of them are related by blood! If we knew exactly how many of these bloodsuckers controlled our governments, we would die! They also exert full power over global media outlets!

Here’s McAllister TV with a new video, also delving into Tory Smith and Christian 21. She says there are very few humans in government whatsoever.

Lunatics Never Look Up!

Clif High returns with a wild, but also quite intriguing video exploring the idea that the moon is an artificial satellite, put into place a quarter million years ago or so, to serve as a post for observing humans.

High believes space aliens live on the moon. Perhaps they are Reptilian creatures as David Icke has postulated, but High isn’t certain about their concrete form. But he does believe they can toy around with our emotions and energies, causing us to act up and become more violent. They can also wreak havoc with the weather and tides on the Earth.

Archaeological evidence from truly ancient human settlements, located in India’s Harappan Valley, show people  lived without war toys. These settlements predated the moon’s arrival.

Where did this satellite come from? Who occupies it? Do they live inside hollows or do they use camouflage to render us unable to see their dwellings? High raises these questions, but doesn’t give pat answers. He does believe the moon will factor heavily in “vast quantities of chaos” looming ahead over the next year. This video is the latest installment in High’s Explorers’ Guide to SciFi World.

Reptilian Black Magic!

Christian 21 rehash! Arizona Wilder! Reptilian sex magic! Greys are escorts! They need the blood for the propagation of their race!

Demons are controlling Reptilians! Black magic is voodoo! Good Reptilians are vegetarians! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

Who’s Who Among ETs

Ella Lebain, Biblical scholar and longtime UFO/alien researcher, joins Project Camelot host Kerry Cassidy to discuss who’s who in the extraterrestrial and spiritual realms.

Lebain reveals her experiences with alien races, including a quasi-Reptilian with a blue glow and the Nordics, who are similar to humans. She says the Reptilian-Draconian kingdom actually exists in Inner Earth, on the moon, Mars and other planets.

She elaborates, plus also discusses her friendship with renowned author  Zecharia Sitchin and his concept of  human creation via the Anunnaki race from the planet–or brown dwarf–beyond Neptune called Nibiru. Please use discernment when watching the video.

Epstein Island Satanic Tables!

They sell your blood! Reptilian disclosure! The sun is close!

Rothschild Christmas castle! Rothschild flea collection!

Epstein island Satanic tables! Expand your thinking! Chatty Cathy! Here’s more from McAllister TV.


Madonna! Hermaphrodites!

South Dakota Potus rally notes! These people are animals! White House and DC not recognizable! Biden Border killings!

Another Madonna! How many Madonnas are there?

Sky people with “cloaking” abilities in the year 1400! Human harvesting! Weather control! Watch the water! More from McAllister TV.

Hawaii Fires! Solar Flash!

Hawaii fires! Solar flash! Bush funeral note! New Internet system switch!?! No ads. The long-awaited coffee video! Reptilians and more from McAllister TV.

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