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The Occult Royal Families

What is behind the occult rituals of the royal families? What is meant by blue blood? What are the origins of the divine right to rule?

Is there a Nazi connection to the House of Windsor? Was the Queen really a reptilian alien? Do the royal families perform satanic and sacrificial rituals? Here we go…More from Fearless Nation.

Govern By Conquest Or Consent?

James Paul Warburg, financial advisor to President Franklin Roosevelt who helped organize the Society For the Prevention of World War III, was quoted as saying, “We shall have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”

Fearless Nation dissects the cryptic quote, regarding its uncanny similarity to ideologies today and the relentless discourse surrounding the Great Reset. He asks, “Was it all pre-planned and implemented?” He discusses the current system and psychological principles, such as, group mentalities and political tribalism, and the timing and progression of the Great Reset. Here’s more.

Nikola Tesla’s Last Interview

Fearless Nation reports that a mind-boggling article surfaced a while back of a lost–or intentionally hidden–interview with the master of electricity himself, Nikola Tesla. Rumors suggest the interview is fake, but it’s impossible to prove.

The interview emanated from the theater play, Tesla: Or Adaptation of an Angel, by Serbian playwright Stevan Pesic. But the real question remains: Did Nikola Tesla really conduct such an interview? Fearless Nation says even if the interview was fake, it still holds plenty of thought-provoking wisdom. Here’s the interview and please do your own research and judge the material for yourself.

Celestial Birth Of The Son/Sun

The Art of Dino delves into the Aryan Sun-Myths, authored by Sarah E. Titcomb, that sheds theoretical light on the personification and symbolism of the solstice and its spiritual representations on Earth.

Host Dino analyzes Appendix A of the book, which explains the fable that the sun is worshipped under the name of Christ. Says Dino, “With the amount of resets we’ve had since the dawn of time, there’s no telling where the origins of the stories we have today come from.” He speculates they could emanate from myths, literal translations or worlds and powers we have no idea about, and may range from 5,000 to even a million years old. Here’s his report.

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