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A Web Of Election Misconduct

Sourcing intel from Harry the Greek, George Webb reports there’s a shady connection between Konnech Voting Machines CEO Eugene Yu, Adam Schiff, American elections and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Though Yu is a naturalized American citizen, he’s worked on elections in China and has close ties to the CCP.  And stunningly, Konnech was earlier awarded a Department of Defense Contract for all military people voting overseas. Talk about conflict of interest! Yu, in cahoots with Schiff’s California cronies, also runs elections in thousands of U.S. counties and was given super-user access to all the servers by the CCP.

Turns out Yu ran into some trouble in Lansing, Mich., where he was arrested at the Lansing airport after allegedly running off with $2.4 million. He was given low bail and released, but re-arrested in Los Angeles, his home, where’s he’s under the watchful eye of Schiff. Webb joins Tommy’s Podcast to sort out the details.

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