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Great Reset Currency Collapse

Josh Sigurdson reports the U.S. dollar appears headed for a complete collapse, after Russia switched to the gold standard to avoid sanctions. The power move, which is being aided by China, will likely see a massive power shift to another establishment world order, headed by the CCP.

Sigurdson welcomes The Liberty Advisor’s Tim Picciott to discuss the move and the highest rate of inflation in U.S. history.

China Hunting Dissidents

If you’re in America, you may think you’re free from the kind of tyranny people in China face. That may be true for most people, but if you go up against the Chinese Communist Party, they will find you wherever you are. In this episode of China Uncensored, host Chris Chappell looks at some Chinese agents who were charged with stalking, harassing, or spying on dissidents living in America.

Biden Family Ties With China

Peter Sweitzer, who authored a book on the Biden Crime Family’s influence-peddling with China, followed up with a recent scathing op-ed in the New York Post, outlining a shocking $31 million in business deals and ties with Chinese spies.

Sweitzer details at least five deals with individuals tied to Chinese intelligence, some reaching the very top of China’s spy agency. Here’s the story from Restored Republic.

China’s Debt Bomb

There’s a ticking time bomb ready to explode in China and the CCP’s policies are the cause. China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell reports that the time bomb is China’s debt, which is about to go off if not dealt with responsibly. Chappell looks at Xi Jinping’s push to redistribute wealth and the relationship between central government and local governments.

Fake Snow, Real Propaganda

China is fighting the backlash over the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics with a ream of propaganda, employing Western social-media influencers, radio stations and a U.S.-based marketing company. China Uncensored host Chris Chappell fills us in on the game plan, what athletes are bracing for and how the CCP is tamping down on criticism.

China’s New AI Prosecutors

China is training more prosecutors to relieve the heavy caseload in its courtrooms. They are not only superhuman, they also can press their own charges with 97 percent accuracy.┬áChris Chappell introduces us to the AI prosecutors in this edition of China Uncensored, plus reports on a possible new Covid cover-up and the CCP hoarding the world’s grain.

Peng Shuai’s New Bombshell

The ongoing saga in the Peng Shuai Me Too sexual assault allegation against a top CCP leader has taken another bizarre turn. When confronted by a reporter from a pro-Beijing Singaporean newspaper, Shuai denied ever making the allegation.

How convenient. When the story first broke, the rising tennis star disappeared and her name and the word “tennis” were banned from the Chinese internet. But following a global backlash, she again is back in the public eye, even seen hanging out with former NBA superstar Yao Ming at an event. It was at this event that the pro-China reporter just happened to seek her out.

In what appeared to be a scripted response, Shuai told the reporter it was important to emphasize that she was never assaulted by anyone. China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell has the story and also discusses the discovery of a baby dinosaur in China.

China-YouTube Join Forces

Can you guess who China’s new propaganda partner is? If you said YouTube, you’re right on the money. Given the lengths the CCP goes to control the narrative on China inside and outside the country, the move doesn’t seem that unusual.

China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell reports China has effectively co-opted all the media in China through strict censorship and control of celebrities, but the CCP realizes most people outside of the country aren’t as likely to be snookered by Chinese influencers on Chinese social media. Enter the international influencers on Western platforms, such as YouTube, whom CCP uses to spread its message–for a generous fee, of course. More from Chappell.

Armageddon! China Threatening

Armageddon! The Chinese Communists are now threatening the West, just as Russia is circling Ukraine. Are these nations testing our resolve after seeing just how weak and incompetent our alleged president, Joe Biden, actually is?

The [Deep State] wants to take us down with them.

Meanwhile, tremendous earthquakes are being reported around the globe. Are Deep Underground Missile Bases being demolished? Also, what is up with the Omicron variant? More from And We Know.

On this episode, we discuss a mysterious fire that broke out at Fox News, APPLE’s secret $275 Billion deal with the ChiComs, RFK JR. reveals who he believes really shot his father and alludes to a CIA coverup. More from JustInformed Talk.


Evergrande Default Confirmed

Evergrande, the largest property developer in Communist China, has now officially defaulted. The company’s assets have been seized by the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) but are only worth a fraction of what investors — many of them overseas — originally gave the company.

With the default, global financial contagion is now imminent, says Mike Adams of Natural News. We might see a series of investment companies, banks, hedge funds and other firms going belly up or facing tight financial constraints.

Already, over the weekend, the rolling uncertainty walloped the cryptocurrency markets. Some of these currencies lost nearly 20 percent in one night, and some two trillion dollars vanished in the bubble. We’re likely to see other markets — stocks and bonds, for instance — also heavily whacked, with margin calls made.



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