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Simon Parkes: Not As Bad!

It’s not as bad as it looks! That’s the somewhat tepid assessment of the 2022 midterms from Simon Parkes.

Parkes says Americans were expecting a red-wave tsunami, were afraid of a major false flag and anticipated the military would get involved to keep the vote on the up-and-up. None of this happened. “Many people are feeling very lost, very angry, shocked, betrayed even,” he says.

But all is not lost. More shenanigans and fraud with Dominion Voting Machines in key Republican strongholds, such as Maricopa County, might well point to a better outcome for the GOP. Parkes says what allegedly went down in Arizona was captured and fully documented by specialist military teams and, this time around, the case won’t get lost in endless inquiries and reports. Expect a quick resolution. Here’s Simon’s analysis.

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