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Bigger Than You Can Imagine

Has the military seized control? Not just in the United States, but around the world? Why would these global armed forces have to do so? Would you believe: To fight extraterrestrial creatures that have controlled the entire planet for centuries.

Sarge from Icons joins McAllister TV to discuss what’s afoot. Among the many topics covered: The Deep Underground Military Bases, or DUMBs, below Washington DC.  Also, how do we wake up the masses to inform them: We are not alone. This is part one of a two-part series. We will bring you the update once it’s available.


Day of Reckoning Arrives

The patriots are now pushing the plan forward. The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have lost. The people see it all and many more are waking up. The global power structure is being dismantled. The day of reckoning is upon us. Trump let everyone know that in the months ahead he has something to share. The Department of Defense put a pic of George Washington crossing the Delaware. Message received. Dan Scavino sends another message. More from the X22 Report.

Today we take a look at some of the many failed policies and plays by the Dems and their allies to examine how they are set to boomerang back against them. The biggest of which may be the SCOTUS setting a date to hear 3 high-profile Election Fraud cases by some big names! More from RedPill78.

Good things sometimes take more time than we wish. Pray! Because we are just getting started. More from And We Know.

Jordan Sather celebrates Happy Illegitimate President’s Day in recognition of America’s corrupt leader Joe Biden. His ally in the U.S. House, Nancy Pelosi, still can’t face the fact that she has lost two impeachment trials. So rather than admit she has been using fraudulent evidence, she’s now pushing a bizarre “Truth Commission” in an attempt to punish former President Donald Trump and his supporters.  The Myanmar military has not only ousted its corrupt government but now is banishing the Central Bankers. They’re getting ahead of us: We should join them in sending the Central Bankers to Hell! Otherwise, Sather discusses Bill Gates’ latest crazy moves and the return of social media platform Parler.

Military Coup In Myanmar

Burmese Military Junta has taken control of the country, demanding “free and fair elections”… Sounds familiar. We check in with some new Biden policies guaranteed to sink the country, Biden’s choice to pick Federal Judges was accused of abusing his kids, Hunter still connected to China and much more from RedPill78.

The patriots are now ready and prepared to go after the [Deep State]/Mainstream Media. In Myanmar, the military decided to take over because of election fraud. Is this projection on election fraud here in the US? Trump and the patriots are ready to inject election fraud, treason, and crimes against humanity facts into the upcoming impeachment trial. Panic in DC. They don’t know the plan of the patriots. More from the X22 Report.


It’s an Astra Projection. What’s up with the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine? Why are bomb threats occurring and people dying, the latest outside Cincinnati, Ohio, in Butler County? Here’s 2 Minutes of Truth from In Pursuit of truth.

Is something Biblical about to happen? How long will the public put up with the pedophiles who are running many countries into the ground, at the same time these fiends prey upon children? Here, learn about “Panda Eyes”, the slang term for the blackened rings around the eyes of children who have been raped and sodomized. In January, there was a huge spike in corporate resignations as well as some surprising deaths. More from And We Know.

Why are erections on everybody’s minds these days? Listen as CNN bemoans another “erection” in Washington DC. In this episode of Accordin’ to Jordan, Jordan Sather also gets into: the Myanmar election coup, pedophile controversy with the Lincoln Project, more Fauci fraud and vaccine updates.

Pelosi Pushed For Military Coup

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to enlist the U.S. military to carry out a coup against President Donald Trump. Sounds crazy and far-fetched? Yes, indeed.

But we’re not the ones reporting this. It’s coming straight from the pages of the leftwing New York Times, citing Pentagon sources! More from Tim Pool.

Did Special Forces raid Nancy Pelosi’s office during the U.S. Capitol false-flag event? Here’s the lowdown from JustInformed Talk.

Apparently, Pelosi went off the deep end after her laptops were seized on Wednesday in the protest raids on the U.S. Capitol. In an interview with a German news channel, retired U.S. Air Force Lt. General Tom McInerney confirms “White Hats” took part in those raids and laptop seizures. Apparently, Pelosi and others in Congress were caught red-handed communicating with the Communist Chinese, Antifa and other parties. In addition, he says, they “have a source that is talking like a songbird.” More news to follow, we’re quite sure.

Military Ready for Martial Law

If President Donald Trump declares martial law, no one group within American society will likely bear a greater impact than the U.S. military. Are the armed services prepared? Will they heed the call, and if so, what exactly might they be tasked to do? More from Dr. Steve Turley.

Pedogate 2020 Update

Tonight, we bring you a HUGE update on the battle to rescue millions of children from the Satanic Illuminati with our weekly guest Jessie Czebotar of Illuminate The Darkness. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost. More from David Zublick.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Zublick also gets into discussions of the recent military deployments and movements across the United States, and even in some corners of the globe. He says three Western states — California, Oregon and Washington — are threatening to secede from the nation if the U.S. Supreme Court rescinds the election results and returns President Donald Trump to the White House. If there is a secession of states, the military could come into play, either to defend the nation from overseas attack or to challenge secession leaders. Some of Zublick’s information comes from Hal Turner, a conservative political commentator out of New Jersey.)


More Chinese Spy Stories

Ric Grenell, the former Director of National Intelligence, says to expect more stories of Chinese spies. Grenell appeared on Sean Hannity’s show on the Fox Network after news leaked of Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., sleeping with a Chinese spy.  Grenell says Swalwell is hardly the only one. Not only members of Congress, but also governors and even mayors have been in cahoots with Chinese spies.

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There has been a considerable U.S. military buildup, not only along both the East and West coasts of the United States but also throughout Europe. But Simon Parkes, citing military sources, says this is not a prelude to a war. Rather, the United States is issuing a direct warning to other nations not to meddle in American internal affairs.  Whether these forces are aligned with China, or any other nation, they must bott out or face the wrath of the American military.

On Cusp Of Military Control

Trump and the patriots know the playbook of the [Deep State]. They are using their plan against them. The [election] fraud is off the charts and now the evidence is being produced. We are now seeing video evidence and other evidence. This is just the beginning. The [DS] plan lets us know they will be trying to create delays in the electoral counting. They are trying to make it so nobody becomes President, then call on the military. Trump and the patriots know the playbook. It begun in with the Keystone State and will end there. Military control, constitution is the only way forward. More from the X22 Report.

Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion has a jam-packed videocast, delving into the strange monoliths appearing across the nation, the Michigan election fraud hearing, the renewed controversy surrounding Attorney General William Barr and whether the Department of Justice is investigating the many irregularities reported this election cycle. Jordan also gets into the covid-19 news and President Donald Trump’s push for abolishing Section 230.

Bombshell video evidence from Georgia showing Election Officials illegally processing Biden votes after telling Republicans to go home.  Here, RedPill78 details the President’s path to victory over Biden. Also, there are new revelations about Chinese spies, the Houston Consulate and more!

Democratic walls are coming down. Listen as Michigan voices rise up to challenge  and tear down these walls.  More from And We Know.

Bob Rinear of and joins the SGTReport to discuss election fraud, the war being waged against our nation and how to protect yourself and your family when the sh#t hits the fan.

The Democrat Plan For Trump

President Donald Trump is making sweeping changes — the kind of changes you wouldn’t make unless you were staying around for a second term. Here, in a two-part series, Thomas Wictor recounts the military security assets who are helping Trump to survive and plan for the future. Also, Wictor spells out the Democrats’ plans: How will they try to contain Trump and force him from office.

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Trump Takes Aim At China

While the wrangling over the 2020 Presidential election nears Week 2, President Trump continues hard at work protecting American interests. In a bold move earlier this week, he signed an executive order in an effort to protect the United States national security from the Chinese military.

The order bans Americans from investing in firms owned by the Chinese military family, aka the Chinese Communist Party. Trump says China is exploiting U.S. capital to resource and to enable the development and modernization of its military. Riss Flex elaborates on the consequences of the order.

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