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Musings From Dystopia

Yesterday’s youth encouraged free thinking and even open rebellion. Nowadays, youths seems to have settled into a pattern of blind obedience to authority. How did everything change? More from Computing Forever.

Survival Currency

We all know the problem: in the coming dystopia of social credit scores and central bank digital currencies, our ability to buy and sell will be at the mercy of the criminals in government. . . . Unless we have an alternative means of transaction, that is. Join James Corbett for this exploration of survival currencies that already exist and how these ideas can be adapted to meet your communities’ needs. More from The Corbett Report.


The age of mass conformity. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Do What We’re Told

Is now the time to do what we’re told? Anthony Fauci claims it is. But we all know what he represents, and he most certainly is not ushering in a bright or productive time for either the United States or the balance of the world. Maybe it’s time we seized control back from him and the medical frauds who support his fascism. More from Truthstream Media.

Welcome To The Camps!

We’ve all read stories of the dystopic future where humans get hauled away into reeducation camps. You know: Brave New World or 1984. But what if there are no separate camps at all? What if our homes are the reeducation camps, and now, we’re already being forced to stay home and not travel too far? Happy joy-joy! More from The Prepared Mind.

The Patriots Have It All

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media believe they are in control. They are moving forward with their agenda. Trump and the patriots have trapped them. This is not about the 4-year election. This is about breaking their system once and for all. The people needed to see it all. They needed to see their true selves and how evil and diabolic they really are. Without experiencing it, feeling and tasting the people around the world would never usher in change. Trump and the patriots have opened the door. The people have to decide if they are going to walk through it. More from the X22 Report.

The Trump legal team plans to release the Kraken! But first, it’s important for all patriots to be aware of a few things. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

Mitch Feierstein, author of Planet Ponzi, joins SGTReport to discuss the coup attempt against President Donald J. Trump, the plan for a horrific “Great Reset” and the resulting dystopian nightmare it will mean for every human being on earth.

And We Know drops into the Million Maga March. You can’t loss when patriots drop in on The Swamp.

Revisiting “The Truman Show”

Truthstream Media reflects on The Truman Show, the 1998 fantasy, starring Jim Carrey, about an insurance salesman whose entire life is filmed and transformed into a reality TV show. This is one of those movies, like Matrix, that first seems outrageously far-fetched  but comes into sharper focus with each passing year. In other words, we have seen glimpses of a future dystopia, and what we are seeing is so bright you better wear shades!


The Maoist Agenda

Who controls the past, controls the future. What is the Maoist agenda behind the toppling of historical sculptures? Why don’t they want you to have any heroes or to acknowledge any history? Is it the future they want you to welcome, or life in an endless dystopia? More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Thai Advertising Not Woke

We’ve seen how so much advertising in Europe and North America has turned “woke,” meaning the boys are made to look like girls and all of them live in some sort of Leftist dystopian Hell. You can always count on the Left to ruin everything they see. What’s one place where you don’t have to put up with this Leftist bull? Thailand! More from No Bullshit.

In The Dystopian Future

We Are IN The Dystopian Future, Book Bannings, Censorship, It’s All Getting WORSE. Digital book burnings.

That’s how people refer to the banning of books in the digital world. When Jordan Peterson’s book is banned from a major distributor, what is the difference?

The Far left, regressive left, dangles the worst of the worst in front of us. They scream that we are being threatened and oppressed. In turn, they show people yelling back “save us.” They push lies and fake news to get you angry and scared and then use that to increase their authority, to ban information.

There was a time when cigarettes were healthy, when asbestos was safe. With new information we can change our understand and make things better. But there are those that seek to restrict information. They seek to take away your right to know and learn. They use social justice, feminism, promises of a safer better world, things that at heart are good and moral.

But they use the good to demand power, and invariably once given that power they turn it back on you. You best start believing in Dystopian Future Stories. You’re in one. More from Tim Pool.


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