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ET Liaison: Stargates, Black Ops

Super Soldier Talk host James Rink conducts a rare interview with “Skully,” an extraterrestrial liaison and general of the Secret Space Program, who discusses her extensive interaction with ETs, dating back to age 7, and her recruitment by the Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) to work at Area 51.

Skully, who conceals her identity throughout the interview, says that after joining the U.S. Army Secret Space Program black ops division, she became an ET liaison and served in the Avatar program, in another body, while stationed on the Saturn moon, Titan, as well as on the Orion Prime Draco home world.

Later, she traveled in underground tunnels (DUMBs) from At Taos, N.M., to the Dulce base in western New Mexico alongside Elon Musk, where they created a game interacting with a time gate. She helped reverse engineer the Neuralink technology from alien cadavers and allowed Musk to reveal the results to the public. She brings us the stunning details and more. Please do your own research and use discernment when watching the interview.

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