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ET Liaison: Stargates, Black Ops

Super Soldier Talk host James Rink conducts a rare interview with “Skully,” an extraterrestrial liaison and general of the Secret Space Program, who discusses her extensive interaction with ETs, dating back to age 7, and her recruitment by the Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) to work at Area 51.

Skully, who conceals her identity throughout the interview, says that after joining the U.S. Army Secret Space Program black ops division, she became an ET liaison and served in the Avatar program, in another body, while stationed on the Saturn moon, Titan, as well as on the Orion Prime Draco home world.

Later, she traveled in underground tunnels (DUMBs) from At Taos, N.M., to the Dulce base in western New Mexico alongside Elon Musk, where they created a game interacting with a time gate. She helped reverse engineer the Neuralink technology from alien cadavers and allowed Musk to reveal the results to the public. She brings us the stunning details and more. Please do your own research and use discernment when watching the interview.

Ancient Alien Artifacts In Mexico

Steve Quayle discusses alien artifacts he uncovered in Mexico. Last month, Quayle put on a conference called “The Egyptian and Alien Connections in the Americas.”

He has also been in the forefront in exposing what’s really happening with the scientific research in Antarctica and possible links with human-inhabited lands that have been kept hidden from us. Here, he talks with Greg Hunter on

Secret Space Government

The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt concludes his 4th-year anniversary of his X-Steganography series with this look at the true force behind the United States — the Secret Space Government. Topics covered range from the Secret Space Program to UFOs, and personalities including Elon Musk.


Coup To Coup: COG CIA Wars

The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep on what’s driving the plans for Worldwide Dictatorship through Emergency Powers and Global Continuity of Government (COG) Plans! He looks at the CIA forces behind the new war between Russia and Ukraine, and the Totalitarian Surveillance State Infrastructure being built from Space!

Space Reptilean Encounters

McAllister TV reviews SuperSoldier talks involving contact with outer worldly reptilians. “His shoulder muscles were like beach balls,” says one contactee. “He was so big it was ridiculous.” Much of this review stems from the talks of Daryl, a “Solar Warden.” This is a secret space program run by the U.S. Space Force, monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic in our so9lar system.

What’s Hidden In Antarctica?

What the hell are they hiding in Antarctica? Alien Bases? Advanced technology? Ancient ruins? Secret space projects? Human experiments? Alien species? Quantum computer? More from McAllister TV.

Dave Hodges, host of the Common Sense Show, says Antarctica is central headquarters for the New World Order. Hodges and Sarah Westall discuss what is in Antarctica and why world leaders strangely visit the continent at seemingly odd times. We also discuss what the Globalists plans ultimately are and why nothing seems to make sense.

Hodges flatly believes many of the Leftist politicians around the world, including Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, are demonically possessed. He describes Antarctica as Satan’s home on the planet Earth.

This is the first in a two-part series. we will bring you the second video upon its release.

Secret Space Shock! UFO Threat!

UFO threat of Deep Space Fake? The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt explores the chicanery being used by the US federal government and its Deep State agents to camouflage it own secret space initiatives. He goes deep on the real story of UFOs and moves by all covert sides to control the narrative going into 2022.

Ex-Agent Undergoes Hypnosis

Retired SEAL Team-6 Chief Petty Officer Michael Jaco has more than 35 years of extensive combat experience, including 11 years as a CIA security officer. Appearing for the first time on Cosmic Disclosure: Inside the Secret Space Program, Jaco uncovers his repressed memories through the help of hypnotherapist Barbara Lamb. These memories suggest he may have been involved with a secret space program, beginning with his training at an early age.

As he untangles this web of hidden memories through the regression, Gaia viewers are privy to the past experiences he was never fully conscious of. More from Emery Smith at Gaia.

In a similar vein, McAllister TV offers a video that relates how military personnel who went to work for “special programs” often ended up working with alien species, up to and including nine-foot-tall Reptilians. She chronicles many of these encounters between Super Soldiers and space creatures. The results, she says, are quite often “mind blowing!”

Deep State UFO Games

Why did President Joe Biden discuss the black baseball pitcher Satchel Paige with Pope Francis, and what does Paige have to do with the planet Mars? Here, the Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt, explores the great secrecy that has surrounded so much of America’s space program.

He believes we already have been traveling to Mars, and draws upon steganography — or concealed messages —  to raise informed conjecture about our ventures beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

That said, YouTube has banned a few of the Dark Journalist’s recent videos, so now we will be drawing these links off Bitchute. Interesting enough, the past videos YouTube has banned have been ones focusing on the planet Mars, and involving discussions between the Dark Journalist and Dr. Joseph Farrell, involving Martian programs. The two of them have reunited for a Bitchute video (below) in which they recap the material that YouTube is seeking to censor.

Oxford Scholar and Giza Death Star Book Series Author Dr. Joseph Farrell returns to join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for a spellbinding look into the rising push around the planet Mars. Dr. Farrell explains the cultures that left behind the record of advanced technology of Mars to the Babylonians and Egyptians and the implications of the sacred mystery rites falling into the wrong hands.



I Saw An Enormous Reptile!

SECRET SPACE PROGRAM, NEWLY RELEASED DOCS AND VID BACK UP SSP MILITARY INDUCTEE DARYL! “IT WAS HUGE!” Daryl shares the moments that the military let him know, that there were Alien Species working underground, on “Government Projects” and he would be working WITH THEM, if he chose to join the program. Daryl describes the Underground Bases, security levels and the experience of seeing and interacting with these species. Daryl’s memories are CORROBORATED by Secret Space Program RELEASE of “Alien Videos.” More from McAllister TV.

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