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Elon Musk Fan Support Group

For all those of you recently off the Musk train. More from Ryan Long.


Everything You Know Is A Lie!

Dilara Esengil, Hollywood entertainment lawyer, returns to McAllister TV to discuss the bundle of lies engulfing everything we know. The Hollywood stars, for instance, aren’t stars at all but just sexually inverted clones.

Now, we are seeing clones and hybrids outside Hollywood. People are talking about the latest incarnations of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. Neither looks the same as they used to, and Nancy keeps getting younger all the time. Are we facing the same politicians or knock-offs?

Now, we’re seeing more deadly lies. Was there an attempt to use covid as a weapon for mass extinction? What exactly was the plan to harvest humanity? Is Elon Musk 70 percent AI tech?

Some are complaining that it’s taking too long, but remember: Crumbs are easy to swallow. If you try to soak up an entire ocean all at once, you’ll drown.

Ratings Crash For Woke SNL

Saturday Night Life got a temporary ratings boost when it hired the controversial and spacey industrialist Elon Musk as guest host. But only a week later, SNL has sunk to new record lows.

Viewers are no longer watching the boring, half-century-old show. We’ve not only had it with the format, but the snide personalities, the woke Leftist politics and all the predictable propaganda. Time to trash SNL. For that matter, pretty much all of NBC could go down the tubes without anyone missing a beat. More from The Salty Cracker.



Demons Surround Elon Musk

Here is Part Two of McAllister TV’s INTO THE UNKNOWN conversation with entertainment lawyer Dilara Esengil. Among the many topics discussed: Y heads and goat gods! Hollywood goat heads! Elon Musk’s mother-thing! Elon Musk’s wife, a demon-thing! Females to males! You won’t believe Brad Pitts’ breasts! They are laughing at us!

Tesla-China Honeymoon Over

Tesla is being targeted by the Chinese Communist Party, potentially ruining Elon Musk’s China ambitions. It all began at last week’s Shanghai Auto Show, a perfect venue for Musk to show off his new Tesla. One problem: the demonstration was met by a lively protest, claiming the U.S. cars were dangerous and defective.

Wait a minute, a protest in Community China? That’s right. The protest hit a nerve in China, sending complaints about the company across the Chinese-controlled internet. And to no one’s surprise, the CCP-controlled media joined the narrative. Remember, things don’t go viral for very long on the tightly scrutinized Chinese internet, unless censors allow it.  Result: Most of the social media comments came to the conclusion that they should buy Chinese cars instead of Tesla. It appears the Tesla-China honeymoon is over.

Join Chris Chappell, as he also reports on the U.S. and China agreement on climate cooperation and Australia abandoning a belt and road deal in the state of Victoria in this edition of China Uncensored.

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Brain Power And Jurassic Park

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Corporation, a neurotechnology company developing better tools for communicating with the brain, is making huge strides in areas that will surprise you. Among them is an implantable brain–machine interface that will allow you to control a computer or any mobile device telepathically.

In the following video, Neuralink introduces how the machine operates in an experiment with a macaque monkey literally playing a video game of Pong with its mind via an implanted brain chip. In a related story, Musk’s Neuralink partner, Max Hodak, says the process could possibly be extended into building a replica of Jurassic Park. He says there wouldn’t be any genetically authentic dinosaurs, but maybe 15 years of breeding and engineering would produce a super-exotic novel species. Here’s more on both stories from TruthVideos 1984.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Human!

From the 4th Annual Fake News Awards, a commercial touting Elon Musk’s latest venture: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Human! More from Corbett Report Extras.

Leaving California

As the cost of living increases and the quality of life decreases, people are fleeing California in droves. In the past 10 years, 5 million people have fled the Golden State, 600,000 of those to Texas. California is basically a mess. It once thrived with more than a dozen car plants and was the center of aerospace manufacturing, says billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. Now, he says, “My companies (Tesla and SpaceX) are the last two left.”

Meanwhile, Texas and its conservative policies are booming. When you think of the Lone Star State, you think of oil and beef, but Texas has as many Fortune 500 companies based in the state as does California, including an incredibly robust, high-tech start-up sector. The divergent paths these two states have taken are the direct result of political choices they have made. PragerU’s Will Witt explains.

One Trillion Dollars Richer

US Billionaires became 1 trillion dollars richer since the beginning of 2020. How did they do it? Let’s discuss. More from Really Graceful.


Bill Gates At The Roxbury

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer do a spoof on Night At The Roxbury in an old Microsoft video the company used to present at trade conferences in the 1990s. Ballmer was then with Microsoft, but now owns the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team. He seems like the more natural actor, whereas Bill Gates is on the geeky side. Can you imagine Microsoft making a similar video nowadays in the Coronavirus era? Nah. The shitter’s full!

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Why does Bill Gates contribute so much money to media companies and foundations? Is he so generous to buy off the favor of these companies, so his pedophile activities don’t get reported? That’s the thrust of a blind item from Crazy Days and Nights, reported by Jamie Dlux. The site covers an alleged incident in which Gates and Jeffrey Epstein left a party together in Santa Barbara, California, going to a house in the neighboring village of Montecito, where some “models” awaited them. Also tied here to Bohemian Grove: Warren Buffett, plus an Elon Musk tidbit.


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